A job!!

I’ve been waiting for this email..! 🙂

So, it’s not *official* yet, but I was just offered a position at a hagwon (private language school).  Everything looks good, and I’m in contact with a previous teacher, and so far, it still sounds good.
With this sort of thing, since English schools are a business, you should do as much background research on the school as you can.  Some schools are known for not treating their teachers very well/not paying on time/paying less than on the contract…so it’s best to check around to make sure you have a general idea of what you’re getting into.  You still won’t know for sure til you get there..but checking ahead of time helps prevent bad situations.
Well..that’s what I’ve read /been told…so hopefully that holds true for me 🙂

Anyway..back to the job…I started using a second recruiter (RBI Korea) along with Footprints (which seems to mostly have jobs in Seoul), and they found me this one.  Had the phone interview Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 3am (yes, you read that right) and found out early this morning via email that they want to hire me.

My contract is supposed to be emailed to me on Monday…I review (revise as needed) that…and if I still like them..then I sign and send it back.  THEN, I officially have my first teaching job in Korea.

After that, it just comes down to finalizing my visa.


Side note:  I cancelled my gym membership today (give 30 days notice)–Phase one of breaking away has begun.
I also need to tell my apartment complex that I won’t be renewing…needs to probably happen sooner rather than later.

I still can’t believe I’m going to be in Korea in two months.  (oh.my.gosh.)
I’m excited to have a job working with little kids though 🙂  Yay!!  Fun! 🙂

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

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