Um…Visa/Passport? Where are you??

No word yet on my visa…trying not to panic.  Not sure if I mentioned, but the visa is obtained by sending off your PASSPORT along with the application form (saying that you got all those documents…and I think they also check this too?)…but passport just hasn’t returned yet.  Not like I need that or anything…
I was going to call on it today and see if they received the stamps that I sent off (forgot to stamp the return envelope (doh!) but I worked 7-4:30ish and didn’t have a chance to do so.
I’ll call tomorrow though and see what the status is.

Also, to note: my background check application made it to the FBI (again..round 2) today.  Yay!

Edit: Called today and she said she just put it in the mail yesterday.  WHEW!
Well, glad it’s not lost, but I’ll be a lot happier when it’s back here with me 🙂

Also: Car is getting detailed tonight or tomorrow (I hope–going through a friend, so it depends on when he’s free)–Then putting it up for sale that night.  So..either tonight or tomorrow.  As soon as it’s beautified.


Car: Re-visited

Found someone to do the detailing on my car and fix the lock! Wahoo! And I’m getting a great deal because I know him. 🙂 I’ll probably put it up for sale this week.
It’s hard because I don’t know how fast/slow it’s going to sell, and I really don’t want to be down the the end and still have to worry about selling my car. Once I get the lock and detailing done, it’s ready to sell.
I’m going to miss that car.. 2008 Chevy Cobalts are great cars if you’re looking for your next 🙂

Just need to find a car to use after it’s sold…


Yayyyy!! (and wow!)  I hit 100 views 🙂

I should make a list for how many things I’ve bought/needed to buy for this as well..similar to the To-Do-List-of-Epic-Proportions…
Anyway, just bought a CD/DVD case to store some of my movies that I plan on bringing over with me.  Definitely not going to squeeze in a bunch of cases, so this will do.
Also bought an external hard-drive for my laptop.  I need to get all the music files and pictures off my PC so I can put them on my laptop.  Hopefully I can get this done at some point tonight…

My mom and brother said they’ll take my computer desk off my hands too, which is wonderful 🙂  Good for them and good for me.

Visa still hasn’t arrived…starting to get nervous…
I’ll call them Monday if it’s not here by then :-/

Having a mini-going away party/shin-dig tomorrow with some friends.  Not really a party though because I’m terrible at hosting that sort of thing, and because it’s a lot of effort to organize something when I’m already so overwhelmed (and exhausted) with other stuff.  Just going ice skating and out for dinner/drinks/etc.

My last day of work on the 11th can’t seem to get here fast enough.  I’m just so worn down.  I’ll be really glad to get the extra 40 hours put back into my week…

And you’ll have to excuse the scatterbrained-ness of my posts…my head seems to be in 4000 places at once, and it’s nice to be able to cover everything just like this.  Nice quick updates. 🙂 ha.
worked 7-4
errands til now–6pm  (Goodwill, Target, Bestbuy)
make dinner
work on switching over files
re-do unit 8 from my TEFL course–messed up a few sections..ugh.
RELAX.  I hope.  I feel like the circles under my eyes are becoming a permanent fixture.  lol.

Kickboxing in the AM
Go to Starbucks or the like and work on TEFL Unit 9
Out with friends for my going-away thing

Work 12-8:30

Work 7-4
Call on Visa?!?!?! 😦
Workout class with Groupon
Dinner//TEFL Unit 9 (if not complete)

Also need to get that car lock fixed at some point…

No one said it would be easy. Just that it would be worth it in the end.

Keep on keepin’ on.


Just got my flight itinerary!!!  OMG!!! 😀 😀
Everything looks good…a bit heavy on the layovers I suppose, but everything else looks good.  I don’t leave here or arrive anywhere at horrible hours of the day, so it looks good.
I’m happy with my international airline looks like I leave my last US city for Seoul around midnight, so hopefully I’ll be wiped out after a good few hours of travel so I can get some sleep on the plane.

Still waiting on my passport/work visa to arrive back in the mail…
Not sure if I mentioned it, but I sent in my paperwork for my second background check.  Got re-fingerprinted and everything for that again too…sooo..yay!  Paperwork is almost done…again.  🙂

I can’t believe this is happening!..ahh! lol. 🙂

I also turned in my final rent check today too…and completed my taxes 🙂  Very productive day.

To-Do List–Update

This is for my own personal interest really–I don’t have this written anywhere else, so it’s nice to see where I sit.

Korea Departure Checklist–Jan 25
*talk to bank about paying bills from abroad
*Power of Attorney??
*Make copies of all important documents (birth certificate, visa documents, credit cards)
*Doctor Appts–or waste of money?? (dentist)
*trinkets from the US for the kiddies?
*IRS form-”don’t tax me–I’m leaving the country” form
*Transfer music from desktop to laptop
*COMPLETE TEFL COURSE (GET IT DONE.)-Lesson 8/20 currently.  Ugh.  So time-consuming.
*Organize and have going-away parties
*Shop: make sure to get everything that I’ll need that I can’t get (or is too expensive/hard to find) to get there.  (Casual Shoes)
*Make packing list (1/16.  Done.  Um..I get how many suitcases??)
*Get documents for second background check and have it apostilled.  Ugh.  (Change in policy–so I now need a second copy of this.  Takes a few weeks to get it done)  (1/25)
*storage unit: research and pick one
*Put car up for sale (LM)
*clean out car//detailed (LM)
*Contact body shop and have car door repaired/fixed (??)
*Contact Sprint–Cancel phone contract? Hold?  Then set a date.
*Cancel: Utilities, internet, car insurance (LM)
*Final Rent Payment (and how much?)
*Donate stuff that isn’t going to storage//CONSOLIDATE (yay!) (LM)
*Send Visa Application ASAP (1/16)
*Call bank (and credit card)–let them know I’m leaving the country (again :-P(LM)
*Scrub down appt and get it ready for inspection (LM)
*Organize moving day (LM…kinda??)
*MOVE everything that I want to keep to storage unit (LM)
*Massage (LM)! My baby!

I had originally planned to put my car up for sale on Feb 1st because I felt that that gives me enough time to get her (yes, it’s a she, lol) sold and all that with plenty of time…that way it’s one less thing to stress over.
Um..just realized that’s a week away.  My car!!! :*(
I’m going to seriously miss driving and having a car 😦  I know it won’t necessarily sell in a week, but it’s a great car and I don’t think it’ll last too long on the market.

Other things I’m going to miss:
My Family and Friends 😦
Having an Oven
Mexican Food
The English Language
My Spacious Apartment here in the US–goodbye 860 sq. feet…helllllooo studio sized apartment! haha

Otherwise, I think it’ll be a good time.  I terrifying/exciting/roller-coaster of new-experiences good time. 😀
I’m looking forward to meeting new people, a fun new job with little adorable little kids, making money, being able to save (save money? what is this?) money, travel, new experiences, running a half marathon in THAILAND…etc.

As far as selling the car–still need to get the interior cleaned out and fix the lock on the driver’s side door…

Ugh. Let me get a bit honest here…

So, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I have a minor stuttering problem.  It can get worse if I’m stressed out or frustrated, but for the most part I try to keep it hidden.
Anyway, because of this, I’m honestly really nervous about teaching.  Mainly because my voice is supposed to be so important in what I do.  I also know that Koreans are very much about appearance and that sort of thing…so I’ve also been nervous that I’ll end up getting fired or something because of it.  😦  😦 😦  What a shitty reason to get let go from a job.
I checked (again) on therapy and my insurance covers a whole 2 (TWO) doctors here in the St. Louis area (out of a few thousand) that specialize in speech therapy.  One lady charges like $300/session and it’s a 12 week session…uh…I don’t have 12 weeks or $300.  So..I guess I’ll have to just chance the whole thing.
I’ve been thinking on this since I accepted the job, and thought more of it just now when I called the nearest police station to see if they did fingerprinting for visas.  (I need a second set to get another background check.  Hoo.rah.  And the other place I went to last time said you’re supposed to go to your city’s dept…whoops.  ah well.)  Anyway, apparently they don’t.

I’m just…frustrated.  I wish I could talk like a regular person.  My friends that know me would probably say that you can barely tell (because I work to hide it) or that they don’t notice it…and it’s not all that frequent…it’s just that it’s a constant struggle…for me.  Not being able to get out what you want to say, when and how you want to…it sucks.  It’s nice living around people though who already know about it, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself or apologizing.  Oh and yeah, when people think it’s some sort of joke or something I’m doing on purpose is pretty hilarious too.  I love getting mocked by people and told to “just spit it out”.  Right.  Let me just get on that…

Anyway, this whole vent started with my call the that police station.  I couldn’t get the word “fingerprints” out, and ended up having to force it out.  It’s just so shitty.  And then the lady on the other side sounded annoyed with me.
Ugh. 😦
I just hope I don’t get fired for something like this.  :-/

Somewhat unrelated, but I *love* this interview with Colin Firth about his role in The King’s Speech.

Storage Unit: Found and Booked.

Just made a reservation with Public Storage to save me a 10×10 space for my stuff.
Move-in date is on the 18th of February.  By then, I should be packed, and basically ready to go.  After moving, I can start scrubbing down my apartment and get ready to move out and return my keys.  My departure date is on the 20th, so that should be good…if needed, I can just crash on the couch at my mom’s house or something.

Can’t beat the size of the place for the price either.  I checked around a bit and I’m getting my unit (booked online) for $1 for the first month and $87 for each month thereafter.
I forgot which place I checked before, but they had 5X10 (and similar) for over $100…
So yeah..that’s done.

Oh, and I finally got my Christmas tree down 🙂


Currently trying to work out how to best get my Korean funds to my American bank account to be able to pay bills…
I’ve looked online and so far come up with:
*wire transfers (which, my bank says is $50 to send and $25 to receive the funds…the lady I spoke with said she could probably get the $25 fee waived since I’m sending money to myself)…If I can get around that $50 fee, I’d like to do so.
*Setting up my bills with an online automatic payment with my new Korean account–I think I read online somewhere that someone did that…so I want to look into that.
*Check with the Korean bank to see if THEY offer some way to just directly transfer money from one bank account to another…since my bank here doesn’t offer that service.

The lady I spoke with seemed shocked that I was going to be living abroad…I guess she’s never heard of that before?
I had heard of people living/moving abroad before, and also the teaching thing, but had just not thought of it for myself…it was just something that people did. 

I’m also sick now too…hopefully I can keep it at bay and just fight it off today, but it feels like strep.  😦

Alllllso, as far as getting rid of my belongings–My brother said he’ll take my desktop (and printer??), and I want to give him the desk too (if we can find a place for it to go).  So that would be great…the less furniture in that storage unit, the better.
Also, my closet is officially cleaned out and I have a massive pile of stuff by the front door that I’ll be dropping off to Goodwill at some point.
I’ll probably try and sell my tv online.  It still works and everything, but it’s older, and I can replace it with something better when I get back and have money.  Plus, if it’s gone, I can get money for it and also I won’t have to worry about moving it and storing it.

Misc. Updates

*Updated my “About Me” page
*Started at a new location for my job today.  Helping another location get their act together.  I definitely have my work cut out for me.  Good thing my old store has a few associates to spare to lend me a hand with this project.  Made some good progress with some cleaning today though, so that’s really good.  Just need to make sure it stays like that.
No back-sliding allowed.

Oh and um…31 days.  Today’s one of those days where it still doesn’t feel real.
Every so often, I sort of come out of what feels like a little trance that I’ve been in and it’ll actually hit me that I’m MOVING TO KOREA (yes..that Korea..the one that’s on the other side of the planet and is nothing like home.  That Korea.) and I get a bit terrified and wonder what the heck I’m doing.
But…today is not one of those days.  ha.  Thankfully.  Most days I just go through the motions of getting myself ready.  I think it’s hard to actually make myself comprehend the magnitude of what I’m doing.  Probably almost near impossible since I’ve never actually lived in a foreign country for an extended period of time.
The longest was in Italy in 2009 when I studied abroad for a month.

Ah well…a day at a time.


Mission: Clear out closet.   Almost complete!  I’m pretty impressed with myself 🙂
Either I keep it or I pay to store it.