I sent over all my documents to my recruiter in Korea a few days back…received word on Friday that they were received!!  Supposed to be issued a PIN number for my visa in the next week, and I also need to get in contact with the Korean consulate in Chicago to see if there’s anything else that I need.
I think I give them my PIN and then wait a week and I officially will have myself a work visa.
My flight/plane tickets are also in the works between my recruiter and the school.
I’m nearing the end…or should I say, a new beginning. 🙂

Also, I put in my resignation notice with my job today.  It felt really weird..I’ve been there for over 3 years…felt weird, but also good.  I’m really relieved to be far enough in the process where I can officially say something now.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest.  My boss also took it really well, and that was also a huge plus.  He said he’s excited for me and knows it will be a great experience.
I did give roughly a month’s notice (last day not til the 11th of February), but I felt that they deserved more than the standard 2 weeks.  I’ve been with them awhile, and I felt that I owed them a bit of kindness in not waiting til the very last moment.
I had been going back and forth with that decision for awhile, and it ended up paying off.  My boss intends to keep my hours the same and appreciates me letting him know when I did.  Plus, that also means I can finally (FINALLY) start telling people about my decision to teach abroad.  Up until today, I had told family, close friends and a handful of others, but I wanted to be able to talk freely (ie: Facebook, etc.).  It helps me get more excited about it, and I want to be able to discuss it with people and celebrate and all that…it’s a bit more restricting to do that when not everyone knows/can know.  So..now that that’s over…I feel so relieved.  Just happy…and more excited.  I feel like I can move forward now..telling my job was a hurdle that I was dreading, to say the least.

Calling the Korean consulate tomorrow…!

ooh..and I can start planning a going-away party 🙂 yay! 😀

My departure date is tentatively (until the tickets are bought) for Feb 21, 2012.  50 days!  So much to do!

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