Change in Korean Visa Laws = Unhappy Me

I just got an email from my recruiter saying that the Dept of Education (pretty sure that’s who..I don’t feel like going to re-check the email) that they are now also requesting an apostilled background check…and not just a copy.  So…I get to go through that whole process of getting a background check again…which for Americans, can take up to 3 months to get processed.  Thankfully, I can still get into the country and start working, but it will need to be in progress by the time I get over there.
It’s not super high on my priority list, mainly because it still takes the US gov ages to get it processed anyway..whether I hurry or not.
Still awaiting my PIN number for my visa, which should be here any day now…then I sent that along with my visa application and $45 to the Korean consulate office in Chicago.  Then my work visa (which permits me to work legally in Korea) will be ready in about a week after that.  After that, I should get my plane ticket issued from my recruiter and my school…and that’s about it, I believe.

I still have a fair amount of stuff to wrap up here..or maybe it just seems like a lot. But I can’t really do a whole lot until it’s closer to the time to go.
Oh, and I also got my last oil change today! yay!  haha.  No more oil changes for at least a year 😛

No more real updates for now…just waiting on paperwork to be processed.  I’ve also been trying to squeeze in my assignments for my TEFL course.  For some reason, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet…but basically, it’s an optional course that you can take (online if you want–which is what I’m doing since my schedule is so crazy) that helps better prepare you for teaching ESL.  It’s basically a teaching certification course for people that have never taught before.  My course is a 120-hour course with 20 sections–each section over either teaching basics (classroom 101) or English grammar (and how to teach it to newbies).
Some schools give you a bonus ($) or additional pay if you take the course and others do not.  I just wanted to take it more for my own knowledge and I figured that it would help me feel more confident in what I was about to do.  I’m only on lesson 7 of 20 now, which makes me feel like I’m really behind (you get 6 months to complete it…so it doesn’t necessarily have to be done before I start–I’d like for that to be the case though), and I already feel like it’s been well worth my money.  Even though English is my first language, going over grammar and proper sentence structure for each of the tenses is a bit of a wake-up call. ha.  I like the teaching sections best…grammar…not so much.  Also, thankfully, I’ll be working with younger kids, so I won’t be doing a whole lot with the tenses..more of basic sentences and games, ha 🙂

ALSO…I thought a bit about my student loans and how much I’m supposed to be able to save while over there, and figured that IF I stayed for three years (which sounds like a long time right now, especially since I do want to get married and all that in the near future), I could have all my student loans paid off.  Debt-free.  Debt-free before I’m 30.  WOW.  That gives me a bit to think about 🙂  However, one year at a time…

Back to working on my TEFL course stuff…
More updates to come as they arrive 🙂