To-Do List

Korea Departure Checklist
*talk to bank about paying bills from abroad  (might just transfer money to and from my US account and my Korean acct…)
*Power of Attorney??
*Make copies of all important documents (birth certificate, visa documents, credit cards)
*Doctor Appts–or waste of money?? (dentist)
*trinkets from the US for the kiddies?
*IRS form-“don’t tax me–I’m leaving the country” form
*Transfer music from desktop to laptop
*COMPLETE TEFL COURSE (GET IT DONE.)-Lesson 8/20 currently.  Ugh.  So time-consuming.
*Shop: make sure to get everything that I’ll need that I can’t get (or is too expensive/hard to find) to get there.  (Casual Shoes)
*Make packing list (1/16.  Done.  Um..I get how many suitcases??)
*Get second copy of background check and have it apostilled.  Ugh.  (Change in policy–so I now need a second copy of this.  Takes a few weeks to get it done)
*storage unit: research and pick one
*Put car up for sale (LM)
*clean out car//detailed (LM)
*Contact body shop and have car door repaired/fixed (??)
*Contact Sprint–Cancel phone contract? Hold?  Then set a date.
*Cancel: Utilities, internet, car insurance (LM)
*Final Rent Payment (and how much?)
*Donate stuff that isn’t going to storage//CONSOLIDATE (yay!) (LM)
*Send Visa Application ASAP (1/16)
*Call bank (and credit card)–let them know I’m leaving the country (again :-P)  (LM)
*Scrub down appt and get it ready for inspection (LM)
*Organize moving day (LM…kinda??)
*MOVE everything that I want to keep to storage unit (LM)
*Massage (LM)

I think that’s it…

LM= last minute.  That’s the stuff that I pretty much can’t really do til toward the end.  I reall think I’m forgetting stuff…but either way, it’s nice to have it all written out.

Departure Date is Feb 20…So, if I look tired, this is probably why.

Oh, my regular to-do list:
laundry (1/16)
-take down Christmas stuff
clean apt (1/17)
clean off desk (1/17)
wash all the salt/snow/etc. off car (1/16)
-get Taxes done ASAP…as soon as W-2 is available!!
oil change
take cookies in to work instead of eating them. 😛 (1/16)
change out windshield wipers (add fluid if needed). (1/16)

And I work 40 hours a week.  And trying to exercise…ugh.

My brain is going to explode.

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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