I’m getting a bit frustrated with this whole process honestly.  Sure, I’m excited to go over there and teach (or attempt/try my damndest to teach), but I’m getting into so much debt.  Laptop, visa fees, costs of mailing off various forms via FedEx, driving around to different places to have things stamped or signed, copies of things here and there…and the latest, now I get to pay $300+ to get my car door fixed/replaced so I can sell my car.
Ideally, I’d make enough money off selling my car to cover the remainder that I owe.  That car is in great condition (I baby my cars, ha), except that last year some [insert a not-so-nice-word here] broke into my car when I had it parked downtown.  The lock is messed up (still locks and unlocks, but you can’t use the key to do so), the window works (had the glass replaced)….but the frame is bent around the window (prob used a screwdriver or something).  Anyway…I never got it fixed because, to me, it was a minor inconvenience…well, and I don’t have $300+ laying around.
I didn’t even have anything in the car at the time of the break-in! Nothing lying around tempting them to screw up my stuff so they could steal from me.  Nothing was in there.  And now, here I am, a year later having to suffer the consequences of…their actions.  Kthanks.

Just really frustrated at how expensive this is getting.  Granted, I can pay it off once I get there, but I’m just annoyed that a lot of my debt has all appeared BECAUSE of this process of going overseas.

It will be worth it.  It will be worth it.  And repeat.

I think a lot of this stress is coming from the (large) practical part of my brain.  I’m usually very punctual with paying bills and have learned over the years how to live within my means, and this whole process is well..the complete opposite.  I’m spending more than I make (all for good reason) and going out more than normal (because I know I won’t be seeing my friends/family for a year, so I’m trying to make the most of it)…and it’s pretty much the opposite of how I’ve basically been training myself to live since I was 16.
I just have to be patient and know that it WILL all be worth it in the end.
Keep calm and carry on.  As they say…

Btw.  34 days.

Home Sweet Daejeon!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but the name of the city I’ll be moving to is Daejeon.  (Kind of like ‘Dijon’ mustard, but “day” instead of “dee”)

Location of Daejeon

City’s flag 🙂  “It’s Daejeon”! lol.  So cute 🙂
Info about Daejeon:
Daejeon–Fast Facts

Visa Application: Submitted…and just one more thing to get my heart pounding a bit faster!

So yep…I submitted my visa application today.  It apparently takes about a week…and a few extra days if it’s sent by mail (which is what I did, since I don’t feel like spending $100+ to go back up to Chicago for the day to drop it off in person).  Should be there on Thursday.  Thanks FedEx! 😀

Also, I got an email from my recruiter and she asked what international airport I fly out of.  Meaning that she’s now hunting for plane tickets…
Sure, that’s not a whole lot, and I feel like a little kid when I get all excited about the little stuff, but I think that’s what it’s all about.  I like feeling excited/anxious/etc. about the process…even though it plays havoc on my emotions, it feels good to have something to get excited about.  If I’m not excited, then I probably shouldn’t be going.

So…good thing I am.  😉

Lots of progress on my to-do list today too! yay!  Well, at least it feels like it. 🙂

Off to work on unit 8 for my tefl course…