Visa Application: Submitted…and just one more thing to get my heart pounding a bit faster!

So yep…I submitted my visa application today.  It apparently takes about a week…and a few extra days if it’s sent by mail (which is what I did, since I don’t feel like spending $100+ to go back up to Chicago for the day to drop it off in person).  Should be there on Thursday.  Thanks FedEx! 😀

Also, I got an email from my recruiter and she asked what international airport I fly out of.  Meaning that she’s now hunting for plane tickets…
Sure, that’s not a whole lot, and I feel like a little kid when I get all excited about the little stuff, but I think that’s what it’s all about.  I like feeling excited/anxious/etc. about the process…even though it plays havoc on my emotions, it feels good to have something to get excited about.  If I’m not excited, then I probably shouldn’t be going.

So…good thing I am.  😉

Lots of progress on my to-do list today too! yay!  Well, at least it feels like it. 🙂

Off to work on unit 8 for my tefl course…

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