Good News on the Car!

I checked around a bit more on the resale value on my car, and I should easily be able to get back AT LEAST what I owe.  Which is a huge relief.  I just really wanted at least that..and if I can get more, then that’s even better.
As of now, I’m thinking about listing it on Feb 1st—not sure how long it’ll take to sell, and if it sells faster, I’m pretty sure I can borrow my grandma’s car since she doesn’t really do a whole lot of driving.  Plus, it’ll be nice to get it out of the way…it’s one of my main stressors mainly because I’ve never sold a car before.  And I also don’t want to still have it on my hands on Feb 19th…
ALLLLLLSO….I was talking with a friend of a friend that’s big into cars and he said it actually probably wouldn’t be worth it to me to fix the door.  That I’d actually probably lose money from doing that, especially since there really isn’t a lot of damage.  So..that’s wonderful news.
I’ll see what happens though once I try and list it.
He also said his dad has worked in the car industry for awhile and he has a few connections in that area, so basically, I should easily be able to get what I’m looking for.
Seriously, such a huge relief.

I also got a call from the Korean Consulate in Chicago today…apparently I forgot stamps on the return envelope so they can send back my passport.  Ugh.  lol.  Of course.  ha. So, tonight I’m going to send them an envelope with a stamp or two so they can return that back to me.

Still working on Unit 8 for my online course and I’m kind of surprised that I mad it through so many years of school.  This is probably taking way longer than it should take…
This particular lesson is on the “future” tense and all the various forms of it…which is as fascinating as it sounds. heh.