Misc. Updates

*Updated my “About Me” page
*Started at a new location for my job today.  Helping another location get their act together.  I definitely have my work cut out for me.  Good thing my old store has a few associates to spare to lend me a hand with this project.  Made some good progress with some cleaning today though, so that’s really good.  Just need to make sure it stays like that.
No back-sliding allowed.

Oh and um…31 days.  Today’s one of those days where it still doesn’t feel real.
Every so often, I sort of come out of what feels like a little trance that I’ve been in and it’ll actually hit me that I’m MOVING TO KOREA (yes..that Korea..the one that’s on the other side of the planet and is nothing like home.  That Korea.) and I get a bit terrified and wonder what the heck I’m doing.
But…today is not one of those days.  ha.  Thankfully.  Most days I just go through the motions of getting myself ready.  I think it’s hard to actually make myself comprehend the magnitude of what I’m doing.  Probably almost near impossible since I’ve never actually lived in a foreign country for an extended period of time.
The longest was in Italy in 2009 when I studied abroad for a month.

Ah well…a day at a time.


Mission: Clear out closet.   Almost complete!  I’m pretty impressed with myself 🙂
Either I keep it or I pay to store it.