Currently trying to work out how to best get my Korean funds to my American bank account to be able to pay bills…
I’ve looked online and so far come up with:
*wire transfers (which, my bank says is $50 to send and $25 to receive the funds…the lady I spoke with said she could probably get the $25 fee waived since I’m sending money to myself)…If I can get around that $50 fee, I’d like to do so.
*Setting up my bills with an online automatic payment with my new Korean account–I think I read online somewhere that someone did that…so I want to look into that.
*Check with the Korean bank to see if THEY offer some way to just directly transfer money from one bank account to another…since my bank here doesn’t offer that service.

The lady I spoke with seemed shocked that I was going to be living abroad…I guess she’s never heard of that before?
I had heard of people living/moving abroad before, and also the teaching thing, but had just not thought of it for myself…it was just something that people did. 

I’m also sick now too…hopefully I can keep it at bay and just fight it off today, but it feels like strep.  😦

Alllllso, as far as getting rid of my belongings–My brother said he’ll take my desktop (and printer??), and I want to give him the desk too (if we can find a place for it to go).  So that would be great…the less furniture in that storage unit, the better.
Also, my closet is officially cleaned out and I have a massive pile of stuff by the front door that I’ll be dropping off to Goodwill at some point.
I’ll probably try and sell my tv online.  It still works and everything, but it’s older, and I can replace it with something better when I get back and have money.  Plus, if it’s gone, I can get money for it and also I won’t have to worry about moving it and storing it.

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