Oh..no! My baby!

I had originally planned to put my car up for sale on Feb 1st because I felt that that gives me enough time to get her (yes, it’s a she, lol) sold and all that with plenty of time…that way it’s one less thing to stress over.
Um..just realized that’s a week away.  My car!!! :*(
I’m going to seriously miss driving and having a car 😦  I know it won’t necessarily sell in a week, but it’s a great car and I don’t think it’ll last too long on the market.

Other things I’m going to miss:
My Family and Friends 😦
Having an Oven
Mexican Food
The English Language
My Spacious Apartment here in the US–goodbye 860 sq. feet…helllllooo studio sized apartment! haha

Otherwise, I think it’ll be a good time.  I terrifying/exciting/roller-coaster of new-experiences good time. 😀
I’m looking forward to meeting new people, a fun new job with little adorable little kids, making money, being able to save (save money? what is this?) money, travel, new experiences, running a half marathon in THAILAND…etc.

As far as selling the car–still need to get the interior cleaned out and fix the lock on the driver’s side door…

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