Um…Visa/Passport? Where are you??

No word yet on my visa…trying not to panic.  Not sure if I mentioned, but the visa is obtained by sending off your PASSPORT along with the application form (saying that you got all those documents…and I think they also check this too?)…but passport just hasn’t returned yet.  Not like I need that or anything…
I was going to call on it today and see if they received the stamps that I sent off (forgot to stamp the return envelope (doh!) but I worked 7-4:30ish and didn’t have a chance to do so.
I’ll call tomorrow though and see what the status is.

Also, to note: my background check application made it to the FBI (again..round 2) today.  Yay!

Edit: Called today and she said she just put it in the mail yesterday.  WHEW!
Well, glad it’s not lost, but I’ll be a lot happier when it’s back here with me 🙂

Also: Car is getting detailed tonight or tomorrow (I hope–going through a friend, so it depends on when he’s free)–Then putting it up for sale that night.  So..either tonight or tomorrow.  As soon as it’s beautified.

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