So, I’m currently having my car detailed by a friend to get it ready to be sold and he was able to fix my car lock too!!! 😀
My car was broken into downtown (it was a year in late november/december) and they messed up the window (originally glass was shattered),  the car lock and punctured a hole right beneath the handle…and since then, I haven’t been able to use my driver’s side door lock.  The lock itself still worked but if I wanted to use it I’d have to crawl through through the passenger side, so it was pretty much never locked after that incident.
Annnyway…so the lock is fixed and the metal that was all bent inward (creating the hole) is now back in place.  Not perfect (and won’t be until a new door is put on) but damn near close.  😀 😀  So beyond thrilled right now.  🙂

Taking pics tonight or tomorrow morning and then listing it before I get to work tomorrow afternoon.
Still haven’t had a chance to check on my passport situation, but as of yesterday, it still wasn’t here.  Crossing my fingers that it’s here today.
The consulate is in Chicago and my passport shouldn’t take this long to get here…trying not to panic.  Please. Please. be in the mail when I get home.

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