Meeting up tomorrow/later today with an interested buyer for my car…just wants to look at it, so I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but hopefully it works out.  I’m going to miss that car…but I’d love to have this hurdle out of the way.
Also, I got another interested person (via Craigslist for both) for the car, but he said he only had 6000 saved up right now…I’m asking 7900.  So that’s definitely a no-go.  Plus, from what I’ve seen, that’s way under it’s value…and way under what I still owe.  So..yeah, find another grand and we’ll talk.  He seemed friendly though.
Also, making some serious progress with my to-do list…hoorah!!! 😀  Once I’m finished working, I really need to make more progress with my TEFL course…I’m so behind.  Gah.

13 days!  Wow.