Wrapping Things Up and Special Suprises!

Had my last day of work the yesterday (it already seems like it’s been days!)…went ok..just another long night.  Turned in my keys and swipe card…and…I’m done!  Weird..but exciting.
Then today I had my going-away party from my family, and that was really great.  I loved getting to see everyone 🙂

Love.  🙂  Also, I got two more bouquets of flowers 🙂  That makes my total up to 3 now.  I also got one from one of my locations for work when I left 😀
As a single girl, it’s pretty rare to get flowers so I get really excited when I do 🙂 haha.

Allllllsoooo.  😀 😀
I had been planing a bit of a surprise for my mom and brother over the past few weeks, and I got to reveal it to them today too 🙂  I got them both to go out to lunch with me today, and I revealed their surprises then.

Yep!! Sending them both on a cruise to the Bahamas in August!! 😀  I’m so so excited and thrilled that I can give them a gift like that.  I normally have to live check to check, and I know with this next job that I’ll be able to pay it off with my first payday, so I’m so thrilled.
Neither have been on a vacation in over 10 years as far as I can remember, so this will really be great.  🙂

I was also going to update on my nightmare of a car situation, but I’m exhausted.
So…next time.

Anyway…t-minus ONE WEEK!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Things Up and Special Suprises!

  1. Gosh so excited for you Stacey!!! I love that cake …..really pretty!
    What a awesome thing to do for your mom and brother! It is my goal that after I finish my year in Korea to surprise my mom with a trip of her dreams as well. I love how you put some thought in the surprise with the cute packaging! 😀

    • Thanks!! I loved my going-away party..everything was just perfect 🙂

      And I was just bursting at the seams to tell them about the surprise…I wanted to post it here, but I think she checks it from time to time. But yeah, the look on both of their faces was just perfect. So excited for them 🙂

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