Er…I Get How Many Suitcases??

I’m starting the packing process…and this is mildly overwhelming, ha.
I wish I could just transport my whole apartment with me…

I’m also a bit confused because the airline that I’m using to get through the US says that I get two bags.  Two checked bags?  One checked and one carry-on?
I was originally planning on trying to do one checked and one carry-on, but I think I’m going to do:
one larger carry-on, my backpack that I used for backpacking Europe and a smaller suitcase.

I think that sounds manageable since one is on my back.  Gah.
I’m also working on packing up my apartment too.  Sheesh.  Needs to all be done by tomorrow night so I can be ready to move on Saturday morning…
(If you’re reading this and you’re near me…and free Saturday around noon, I can still use a few helpers if you want to help me move 😀  I’ll provide food!)

Packing Lists:

I have my own packing list written out, but these were pretty helpful.  I also used info over on the Footprints Recruiting website too.  Tons of good info over there.

I know posts with pictures are more exciting, but my apartment is a bit of a disaster-zone right now.  I’ll post when I’m all done. 🙂

One thought on “Er…I Get How Many Suitcases??

  1. I don’t know what airline you’re using, so I don’t know the exact rules, but the standard for international flights is a single checked bag, a single carry-on bag, and the a personal item. The personal item can be a purse, laptop bag, or something similar. Basically, you’re allowed a larger carry-on and a smaller carry-on. You can check additional bags, but you’ll accrue additional charges.

    Those packing lists are kind of surprising to me. I understand personal items like bras, tampons, or make-up, but a lot of that other stuff seems silly to me, but I think I have a different mindset. I don’t want to recreate my living conditions from America, I want to live like a native person would. Koreans get dry somehow, so bringing towels seems unnecessary, especially since they really take up a pretty large amount of space. Same with shampoo, toothpaste, tea, spices, gum, candy…. I actually don’t want to use American brands for any of that. I want to experience all new things, that’s why I decided to do this in the first place. Maybe I’m a minority….

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