Moving Stuff

I really wish I could get my blog back to being just about stuff Korea-related, but this car guy stuff is just eating at me.  I know I shouldn’t let it…but I can’t help it.
He sent another email today basically giving me an ultimatum of either:
1. Giving him back the money (not possible)
2. Proving to him that I paid off my loan (not really sure how to do this until my check is received by the bank and processed)
3. He’ll take me to court/sue me.

Oh right.  Did I mention that I have 5 days left in the country?  Ok great.
Well, that also means that I have a crap-ton of stuff to do before I leave and I don’t have time to deal with this.
Anyway, I was on my way to my massage when I saw that and I just had a breakdown in the car.  I know I’m doing everything right, but just with all the stress of everything that’s happening, I just lost it.
I went to the nearest police station and wanted to talk with someone about my situation and see if there was anything that they could do.
The officer was really nice and he reassured me that the guy can’t really do anything, especially since the court basically has to accept his suit or whatever.  Also that this cannot affect me going overseas (which I was also nervous about) because it would be a civil suit and not a criminal suit.
He said that they can’t really do anything about all the non-stop emails and phone calls because it’s not technically harassment either.  Harassment would be when a random individual did these things but since we have a bill of sale and all that, it’s technically a contract and this is a business deal.

Anyway, I called the bank (again) today, they had just received my check in their afternoon mail and they said they could process it, but it wouldn’t be posted until tomorrow.  I also asked if they could get me some sort of proof for this guy and he said that they could.  Also that they’d do a lien release for me.  But all that has to wait until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’ve gotten another 4 emails or so from the guy.  He now says that he wants to meet up with me tomorrow while I call the bank and he listens in to make sure everything is as how I’ve been saying it is.

Remind me not to sell a car again.  I think I’ll take having a transmission die on me or having an accident that totals my car again over this.

Korea Stuff:
I made a Facebook event for my moving day and picked up a bunch of apple boxes (ie: free moving boxes) from the grocery store today too.

I went to get a massage earlier and I’m already feeling all tense again.  Bah.
Oh, and I’m going to the gym tonight, since I always feel better after a good workout, and then going to happy hour with some friends.  Then going home and either working on TEFL course stuff or packing.

4 thoughts on “Moving Stuff

  1. Ugh, that’s a pain with your car. I happened to get lucky selling my car, but I also didn’t owe anything on it.

    What city are you going to in Korea?

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