Health Check and other things…

Oi. Not sure really where to start. First off, I think my jetlag is getting worse and not better. I feel like I’m tired all the time…probably partially due to how firm my bed is 😦 That is supposedly an Asian thing…because some are used to sleeping on the floor.

Let’s see, also yesterday was pretty jam-packed. Had my first actual teaching day! Another teacher kinda shadowed me (assisted as needed) and he said I had a pretty good first day. I don’t remember the actual term he used, but overall, pretty decent. He had a few critiques for me (walk around and use the board more etc), but nothing too bad.

Also, in the morning I went to the hospital for my health check-up. A requirement for all foreigners that will be living there (to make sure you’re not bringing anything crazy or contageous into the country). You also need this done to be able to get your Alien Registration Card, which..I dunno, I guess is somewhat equilvalent to a driver’s license in the US?…kinda? It just serves as an ID card (aside from carrying your passport around). You also can use that to get a cell phone (or “hand phone” here). The card takes a few weeks to receive…very anxious to get a phone…

Anyway, one of the Korean co-teachers from the school went to the hospital with me–we ended up waiting in a waiting area (kinda like what you’d see at the DMV…but massive). Waited around a half hour for our number to be called, but apparently the foreigner exam was up on the 3rd floor. (Her first time going with anyone to get it done). So, we went upstairs and found where it was. She helped me get checked in…and then had to leave to get back to the school. So, I did the rest of it on my own (I did mention that I’m in Korea, right? And they speak Korean here…? Ok good. Glad we’re on the same page.)Β  πŸ™‚

The exam was very thorough–(and costs 100,000W–a bit under $100). Chest X-Ray, hearing, dental (she just kind of poked around for 2 minutes), vision, blood pressure, blood and urine tests (all in Korean). Oh, and one nurse asked (in English!!! yay!!! about my family history–diseases and such) The whole thing took probably a half hour. And it was all on one wing of one floor. So, I was pretty much whisked around from station to station getting various things tested. I’m also a huge wuss when it comes to getting blood drawn or needles of any kind…so yeah…THAT was fun. ha. She took 4 vials of blood…

Then I went back to the school (via cab/taxi) and had that first day teaching. Also, tonight is our Kindergarten graduation ceremony!! πŸ˜€ They’ve been practicing various songs (and speeches) for awhile now and it should be fun. It’s held at one of the bigger halls in the city. Elementary classes still carry on like normal (no kindergarten for the rest of the month)–then we get a fresh batch of students on March 1st and the kids move up a level.

(Instead of the new year starting in August/Sept, it starts in March here. I thought it had another start date later in the year too, but I forgot what it was…) Anyway, I think that’s it…

Also, still no internet in my apartment yet. I tried to get it on my own today (no translator) and…um…fail. haha. So, I’ll need to have someone do it for me. One of the guys at work said he could probably have his wife translate for me though…so hopefully soon. I’m getting restless. I just want internet! ah! I feel so cut off from the world. Sure, I can go to an internet cafe (like now)…but why do that when you can have it in your own place. πŸ˜›

5 thoughts on “Health Check and other things…

  1. Sounds like you had to wait a LOOOT longer than I did to get the health check. I didn’t need to wait at all. I actually didn’t have a dental component at all either.

    Also the Alien Registration Card is basically what a Green Card is in the US. In fact, I think it might be green here too.

    I’m glad your first day went well. I had a similar one. I was told I needed to speak louder, haha.

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