Goodbyes and Packing Up

Packing is actually going surprisingly well.  I think I have a system (which I’ve noticed this in the past too) that I’ll pack once and then re-pack and adjust that first round by taking stuff out and tweaking it.  Might sound like a waste of time, but it works for me.
I currently have one large suitcase and one smaller one (carry-on size), and I’m checking online to verify how many I’m allowed.  Double-checking anyway.  The suitcases are both pretty full currently, and I honestly wouldn’t mind paying the extra for an extra checked bag so I can make sure I have enough room to bring stuff back.  I just started with my tweaking round of packing, so maybe I’ll be able to trim enough stuff out that I don’t have a need for a second bag..
I also feel the need to bring my rainboots. ha.  I’m sure I’m being stubborn, but I’ve heard it rains a ton there, and my feet are a bit bigger than the average female’s, so I’m assuming I’d be hard pressed to find them there.
ALLLLSOOO…not too thrilled to be leaving our lovely 60 degree (WOW!! :-D) temps for the more realistic 20-degree (and snowy) temps of Daejeon.  😛

Anyway, I’m also moving tomorrow.  It’s pretty late here and I’ve been doing stuff pretty much since 9am yesterday morning…so I’m exhausted, but I really do want to knock out as much of this as I can before morning hits.  That way I can move, clean and just be done with it all.  Then I can sleep.

Also tonight, I went to a friend’s house and we had chocolate fondue night–yum!  Which also happened to be my last time seeing a bunch of my friends for the next year.  That’s basically what this whole last week has been.  Cramming in visits with everyone I possibly can all while trying to wrap things up around here.  (And deal with car dude…)  It’s really weird to think that I won’t see these people for a year.  I’m just trying not to think about it though.  I know the year will fly by, and I just make myself sad by thinking about how long it’ll be.
I’m so incredibly grateful that I live in a time (and country) that allows me to even do what I’m going to be doing.  And thankfully, I’m surrounded by different forms of social media and things like Skype, which all help bring the edges of the Earth a little bit closer together.
I’m also incredibly blessed to have the family and friends that I do.  Always there.  100%.  Supporting and cheering me on.

And of course, to have the opportunity to do something like this is really incredible.
But the thing is, the opportunities are there for most people.  You just have to have your eyes open and be ready to jump when it appears.  And work your frikin ass off for it.

But it’s worth it.  Oh so worth it.

Edit: I was driving home from the fondue thing tonight and it’s really interesting how differently you see things when  you know you’re about to leave.  It’s kind of hard to describe, but it feels like everything has a glaze over it.
I feel…I can’t think of the best word choice right now, but as I’m driving down the road, I see things in a different light.  Or when I’m spending time with friends, I cherish it more.
I guess I could (unwillingly) compare it to how someone might feel about life once they’ve been told they only have a limited amount of time left to live.
I feel weird describing it like that, but if you’ve never moved away before, I feel like that would be the most similar sort of feeling.

Also, I’d like to note that I’m feeling more excited about going now.  It seriously depends on the day (or hour) on how I feel on the subject, but I’ve felt more positive about it recently.  I’m assuming that’s because car guy is letting up (kinda..only got 2 emails today) and that allows me to focus on the here and now. And allows me to actually get excited about this.  I’m making a promise to myself now not to let that guy get to me.  He can’t rob these last few days from me.
Anyway, back to packing.  Hopefully to bed soon.  It’s been a long (and productive) day.
My Friday (2/17)–Snapshot
*Up at 9am–baked brownies (brownie bites) for fondue night
*Go to Mom’s house: drop off stuff to be shredded and extra shampoos/lotions/etc.  Stuff that probably won’t do well in a storage unit for a year and do laundry
*Get more boxes from grocery store (free apple boxes :-D)
*Go to Mom’s work–complete a Power of Attorney and copy important documents
*Fondue night with the ladies at 9pm! 😀
*Pack!!!!!  (Where this entry originally starts off)

Er…I Get How Many Suitcases??

I’m starting the packing process…and this is mildly overwhelming, ha.
I wish I could just transport my whole apartment with me…

I’m also a bit confused because the airline that I’m using to get through the US says that I get two bags.  Two checked bags?  One checked and one carry-on?
I was originally planning on trying to do one checked and one carry-on, but I think I’m going to do:
one larger carry-on, my backpack that I used for backpacking Europe and a smaller suitcase.

I think that sounds manageable since one is on my back.  Gah.
I’m also working on packing up my apartment too.  Sheesh.  Needs to all be done by tomorrow night so I can be ready to move on Saturday morning…
(If you’re reading this and you’re near me…and free Saturday around noon, I can still use a few helpers if you want to help me move 😀  I’ll provide food!)

Packing Lists:

I have my own packing list written out, but these were pretty helpful.  I also used info over on the Footprints Recruiting website too.  Tons of good info over there.

I know posts with pictures are more exciting, but my apartment is a bit of a disaster-zone right now.  I’ll post when I’m all done. 🙂

Moving Stuff

I really wish I could get my blog back to being just about stuff Korea-related, but this car guy stuff is just eating at me.  I know I shouldn’t let it…but I can’t help it.
He sent another email today basically giving me an ultimatum of either:
1. Giving him back the money (not possible)
2. Proving to him that I paid off my loan (not really sure how to do this until my check is received by the bank and processed)
3. He’ll take me to court/sue me.

Oh right.  Did I mention that I have 5 days left in the country?  Ok great.
Well, that also means that I have a crap-ton of stuff to do before I leave and I don’t have time to deal with this.
Anyway, I was on my way to my massage when I saw that and I just had a breakdown in the car.  I know I’m doing everything right, but just with all the stress of everything that’s happening, I just lost it.
I went to the nearest police station and wanted to talk with someone about my situation and see if there was anything that they could do.
The officer was really nice and he reassured me that the guy can’t really do anything, especially since the court basically has to accept his suit or whatever.  Also that this cannot affect me going overseas (which I was also nervous about) because it would be a civil suit and not a criminal suit.
He said that they can’t really do anything about all the non-stop emails and phone calls because it’s not technically harassment either.  Harassment would be when a random individual did these things but since we have a bill of sale and all that, it’s technically a contract and this is a business deal.

Anyway, I called the bank (again) today, they had just received my check in their afternoon mail and they said they could process it, but it wouldn’t be posted until tomorrow.  I also asked if they could get me some sort of proof for this guy and he said that they could.  Also that they’d do a lien release for me.  But all that has to wait until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’ve gotten another 4 emails or so from the guy.  He now says that he wants to meet up with me tomorrow while I call the bank and he listens in to make sure everything is as how I’ve been saying it is.

Remind me not to sell a car again.  I think I’ll take having a transmission die on me or having an accident that totals my car again over this.

Korea Stuff:
I made a Facebook event for my moving day and picked up a bunch of apple boxes (ie: free moving boxes) from the grocery store today too.

I went to get a massage earlier and I’m already feeling all tense again.  Bah.
Oh, and I’m going to the gym tonight, since I always feel better after a good workout, and then going to happy hour with some friends.  Then going home and either working on TEFL course stuff or packing.

Pretty Sure This is Called Harrassment Now…

So, about the second story I was going to mention in my last post.  (If you’re friends with me on FB, then you’re probably familiar with this).

Anyway, so I sold my car on the 8th to this guy (he’s a foreign exchange student at a local university), and not even two days later he sent me an email saying that he wanted to basically exchange the car back.  ie: I “give him the money back and he gives the car back to me”.  Um.  What?!  No.
There’s nothing wrong with the car and it’s actually in great condition, but he just said he realized that he’s only in America for one more year and doesn’t need the car.  And he said there’s “something wrong with my title”  because he wasn’t able to get his plates right away…because I still had a loan out on it.
Anyway, I explained the process (I think we’re up to at least 5 either phone calls or emails since the 8th) where I kept telling him to be patient and that if he has any questions to please call the DMV.  (I explained what the DMV was and what they do…even though he’s tried to get plates and has a permit already).
So, this has basically been a giant pain in the butt ever since I sold the car to him.  I honestly don’t have time for this either…I’m moving in under a week and I just have a lot on my plate.  I know I’m doing everything right, and I seriously feel like I’m being harassed.
I ignored the last email he sent (I think two days ago) and he had his friend call me today from a different number and basically interrogated me for 20 minutes.  And I really don’t think he was actually listening to what I was saying.
Anyway, I’ve just decided to not respond anymore and if someone needs to contact me (even rental companies etc, which I’ve been in contact with) then they can leave a message.  My phone is being disconnected on my last day in the US anyway.

So, after that phone call earlier today, the guy that bought my car sent me an email that says:

“I know now that u used my money to pay your loan. I really feel angry about this condition. This is not normal at all. I am not sure whether this is a legal deal. But it has wasted my time and energy. You need give a reasonable explanation about your behaviour. And you also need compensate my loss during the process.  “

Um.  Okayyyyyyy.
I really don’t know what else to do besides ignore it.  Some of my friends are telling me to tell him that I’m done corresponding with him and that if he or his friends contacts me again that I’ll inform the authorities.
I dunno..I feel like that’s taking it kinda far, but I also am getting kinda worked up over this.  Anytime my phone lets me know that I have a new email, I’m like “Oh’s probably him.”

I don’t need this extra stress.

Anyway, on an unrelated note…my grandma put together a video montage from my going-away party and had some family members say some stuff.  Super sweet 😀

I also spent today painting her upstairs…and’s a lot more space than I  And lots of narrow little corners..

Finishing that paint job up tomorrow and hopefully grabbing lunch with a friend (if the weather cooperates) and then headed to my storage unit to check out the space and sign some papers.
Also needing to pick up some BOXES!

*Massage at 2pm
*TEFL Course Stuff

*Lunch with my aunt
*TEFL Course stuff

*Chocolate Fondue Night with the ladies!! 😀 😀

*Come back to the apt and finish cleaning
*Inspection and turn in keys
(If you want an awesome place to live, I know of one 😀  I’ve absolutely loved living at my apartment…it’s fantastic!)

*TEFL Course

Monday 2/20…departure day!:
*Return Rental Car (Nooooo!!!…my fun little racecar!)
*Lunch with mom

Edit (2/14):
Got 3 more calls from that car guy today and an email…all between 10 and 2pm today.
I’ve been trying to ignore it the past 2 days, and it’s been crazy.  I sent one final email today basically telling him that what he’s doing is harassment and that it isn’t legal here in the US and if I get another email or call from him or any of his friends that I’ll contact the police.

What else would I use the loan money for?  That is completely normal here in the United States, perhaps it is not in China.

Also, what you are doing to me is called harassment.  That is not legal and I will contact the police if necessary.
I have gone above my duties as a seller and do not like how you are treating me.
The loan will clear the bank within 10 days after they receive my payment.  You can do what you want with the car after that.

I will contact you when the lien release is available.  I do not want to hear any more from you or your friends until that time.

This is seriously getting ridiculous.
Not even 5 minutes later, I got another email from him yelling at me saying:

You let me check the  bank and the dmv. I checked it but they all said they can not shoe me the information. And you didn’t reply my email and phone call. You said u will call someone on Monday and reply me. Have u replied me?! I want to ask what u want to do? If you want to make the deal in this way. Ok I would like to find other ways to deal with this situation.

Maybe since he says he’ll have to find other ways to deal with the situation that he’ll stop contacting me.  Or maybe he’ll call the police or a lawyer.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

Anyway, 6 days til departure day.

Wrapping Things Up and Special Suprises!

Had my last day of work the yesterday (it already seems like it’s been days!)…went ok..just another long night.  Turned in my keys and swipe card…and…I’m done!  Weird..but exciting.
Then today I had my going-away party from my family, and that was really great.  I loved getting to see everyone 🙂

Love.  🙂  Also, I got two more bouquets of flowers 🙂  That makes my total up to 3 now.  I also got one from one of my locations for work when I left 😀
As a single girl, it’s pretty rare to get flowers so I get really excited when I do 🙂 haha.

Allllllsoooo.  😀 😀
I had been planing a bit of a surprise for my mom and brother over the past few weeks, and I got to reveal it to them today too 🙂  I got them both to go out to lunch with me today, and I revealed their surprises then.

Yep!! Sending them both on a cruise to the Bahamas in August!! 😀  I’m so so excited and thrilled that I can give them a gift like that.  I normally have to live check to check, and I know with this next job that I’ll be able to pay it off with my first payday, so I’m so thrilled.
Neither have been on a vacation in over 10 years as far as I can remember, so this will really be great.  🙂

I was also going to update on my nightmare of a car situation, but I’m exhausted.
So…next time.

Anyway…t-minus ONE WEEK!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Last Day…

So, my last day of work is tomorrow, and I’m honestly feeling a bit bittersweet.
I’m excited because that’s just one more step toward this new experience…which is hopefully as amazing and fun as I’ve heard.  But, I’ve also been with my job for a bit over three years, and although I may vent and complain about certain aspects, I’m really going to miss some of the people I’ve had the opportunity of working with over the past few months.  The thing about working with a smaller staff (like we do in our stores) is that you really get to know the people you work with (if you so choose) and you form a bond.
Anyway, I’m still excited, but yeah..very bittersweet.
Especially with my most recent location.  This one has definitely been…an uphill battle it seems.  But, the thing about it is that looking back…I can see how far we’ve come.  And it’s weird to think that all that progress has been because of my influence.  I say “influence”, because I personally didn’t do every single change in the place…a lot of it, yes.  But I think I’ve hopefully created some sort of spark that will help keep them going in the right direction.
I also learned that one of my favorite managers from my last location is going to be taking over where I left off.  YAY!  I know he won’t let me down and that he’ll be able to finish off what I started.  I just wanted to make sure that all that I’ve worked on won’t be for nothing once I’ve left.  No backsliding allowed.

ALSO…I had my last day working with a few associates today and I’m honestly surprised my jaw didn’t drop completely to the floor, but I had about six associates come up to me today, and not just say “thank you”, but that and “You have really made an impact here.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done.”  I was pretty much stunned.  I know I’ve been working hard the whole time, but I never really heard or saw a whole lot of gratitude.  I felt I had to point out what I had done to get any sort of recognition.  And there it was.  😀
And I did receive a pretty stellar letter of recommendation from my boss’ boss.  I was practically glowing while reading it, ha 🙂

Anyway, last day of work tomorrow…and then crunch time.  I really need to knock out more of that TEFL course.  Ugh.  At least now I’ll have the time to get it done…

Going out to lunch with my mom and brother on Sunday and then a going-away party from my family. 🙂 🙂

Final Car Payment + BEAUTIFUL Rental Car

The payment for my car cleared the bank today, so I sent in my final car payment on my $7K balance…felt amazing.  🙂  😀  AMAZING.

Also, I got a rental car today.  I’ll be having this car for the next week and a half…or well, until my last day.  And…it’s amazing.  It’s a 2012 Nissan Maxima with just over 1000 miles on it.  Keyless start–it’s a “push to start” kind of car.  Push the button to start the car.  Frikin awesome.
Also, keyless entry…as in, I can have the keys in my purse or coat and it recognizes that the keys are near, and I can just push a little button near the handle and it’ll unlock.  So fun 🙂
If I wasn’t broke and planning on leaving the country, I’d get one. haha 🙂