Learning Hangul

I told myself that on my day off (today) that I was going to give a give solid attempt at learning my Korean alphabet (Hangul) so I can better understand what’s around me.  A lot of signs are actually apparently written in English…but just with Korean letters.  I feel like a whole new world will kind of open up to me once I know this… 😀  That could be exaggerating it a bit…but then again…it seems pretty accurate.  If I can’t read anything, it makes it a bit challenging to do much of anything.

I’ve been told multiple times that you can get the alphabet down in a few hours if you work at it…so that’s my goal.

I’ve known the one for the ‘n’ sound since like my 3rd day or so…so hopefully I can get a few more so I can start reading some signs! 😀

I have a bunch of flashcards in front of me and I’m sitting in a cafe across the street from my apartment.  I can’t help but wonder if when I was first learning the English alphabet if I was overwhelmed by the amount of letters that I had to learn.  ha.
I’m feeling that right now. haha

Well, that didn’t go too well. ha.
I got all of them written down and sort of went over them, but it’s kind of overwhelming.

I want to make this:

Yum! 😀  It’s just chocolate chip cookies made in a skillet.
I don’t have an oven (like most of Korea) here, so these I could definitely do…assuming I found a reasonably priced skillet…

Also, if you’re reading this and have found any other ways to bake things aside from using an oven and want to send them over, I’d much appreciate it 😀
My grandma had mentioned baking in a crockpot too…


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