Woo! Eventful Day!

I left my apartment around 11am today (it’s March 1st and a national holiday here in South Korea-relates to their independence from the Japanese) and decided that today was going to be an exploration day.

First off, I really wish St. Louis had better public transportation…like…a lot.  Cut back on some of the traffic and would cut the time of getting from Point A to Point B across the city in half.

Anyway, the Timeworld Department store is sort of the furthest I’ve ventured from my apartment, and I pretty much use it as a landmark of sorts.  So, I went there and went around all 11 (actually it has a few lower levels below “1” and a “skyview” deck at the very top (level 12)) floors to see what all was actually there.  Jewelry/Luxury Goods on the first floor (Prada, Gucci, Burberry, etc), then mens wear, women’s wear, baby stuff, sports, outdoorsy stuff, movie theatre/cinema, FITNESS GYM (with golf simulators)…

Left there and went in a different direction than usual, and found a bunch of restaurants, batting cages, etc.
Ended up finding an Italian restaurant (my cravings haven’t really left yet.  I still crave burgers and pizza and pasta etc..)–it was quite tasty.  I actually surprised myself because I ordered a bulogi and potato pizza with mustard sauce and onion (and cheese and sauce).  It said “Favorite” or something next to it, and I was feeling adventurous at the time…and it was surprisingly really good!  ha.
Even writing this now I’m like…I ordered what?  But hey, it was tasty.

Next, I took the subway (first time using the Korean subway) and went to the Daejeon train station (where I was told I could find a good map).  I got a map from the tourist booth (YAYYYY!!!) and then wandered around that part of Daejeon for a bit.
I went back underground and was intending to head back, but saw a sign pointing another direction for the “underground shopping district”…which is…exactly that.
There were a bunch of little stalls? in a rather long looking hallway with people selling everything from socks to cell phones.
I did also find our equivalent to the $1 store too.  Good to remember.  There’s also another one a bit closer to home though should I need one.  I also found a little store that had a bunch of Korean figurines and fancy mirrors (rhinestones/jewels etc) and other various trinkets…most having something to do with Korea.  I was really tempted to buy some of the little figurines because they were adorable…and I haven’t seen anything like them yet…
Might go back for them…

Mmm..and yeah, then I came back.  And that’s about it.  It’s approaching 5pm here, so I’ll have to find dinner soon.

Oh, and an older man outside of the Daejeon Train Station asked me if I was Russian, lol.  He was working at a fruit stand…seemed to be relieved when I told him that I was American.  🙂

Work tomorrow and then the weekend!

Planning on doing the:
Super Slope Sale (March 10)–I’ve been wanting to learn to snowboard for the longest time, and this seems like a great opportunity…and they give lessons to newbies for free (well..it’s included)
Cherry Blossom Gyeongju Bike Ride (April 7)
Annd dang…there’s also a Marathon/Half/10K/5K in Gyeongju that same day.  I was kind of hoping to be able to do the 10K (not enough time to get ready for a half by then)…didn’t realize til now that they were on the same day…

And there’s also this:
http://www.waegooktravel.com/jejuspring.htm (May 12 and 13)

South Korea map


Daejeon is pretty much smack in the middle of the country and then over to the left a bit.

Jeju is the little island below the peninsula (described as the Hawaii of Korea)

Gyeongju is on the eastern coast, about an inch south of Daejeon.

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