Getting Settled In…

Before I get into my (short) post, I want to share a video with you.  I used it in one of my kindergarten classes today (roughly 14 hours ago) and it’s now popping back up into my head…just in time for bed.
Go on…watch it.  You know you want to.  🙂

Then get ready for the catchy tune to sink itself into your brain.  😛

Anyway, just wanted to update saying that I visited that gym tonight and took a jiu-jitsu class and also a kickboxing class.  Did I mention that I *am* in Korea?  And that classes are in Korean.  Ok, good.  Just wanted to clarify.  Oh, and you know that I don’t speak Korean, right?  Ok.  Good.  Glad we’re all on the same page.  🙂

Anyway, the classes were good and I feel like I can learn a lot.  Also, it’s nice because MMA gyms here encourage their people to take multiple classes  (not just “kickboxing” or not just “boxing” or whatever)–helps to become more well-rounded.
So yeah, there were two other foreigners like myself, that also spoke English (they speak more Korean though) and everyone was really helpful and supportive.  Even with the language barrier.  It’s just a bit challenging to 1. learn a new sport and 2. to do so in a foreign language.
I think it helps make you more observant though.  One of the girls that told me about the gym also said the same thing.  You learn to learn with your eyes rather than your ears, and you’re likely to pick up on more.  Then once your Korean improves, you can hear more specifics.
Anyway, so we had two other foreigners there tonight and there are probably 4-5 more.
I’m going to go back tomorrow night too.
I just feel like a fish out of water (especially since I just got to Korea), but yeah, they’re all very supportive and friendly 🙂  So…we’ll see where this leads 🙂  And it feels wonderful to exercise again!