Just a Side-Note…

WAHOO!  Just did laundry for the first time in Korea!

I have a bit of a headache so I’m going to go relax in bed, watch some Downton Abbey (Episode 5) and tend to my blistered (yay…) ankles.
Note: If you go snowboarding, wear thick socks that go up past your ankles.  Definitely didn’t even think of that when I was packing…and now I’m paying for it.

2 thoughts on “Just a Side-Note…

    • haha, yeah…technically I re-wore things a few times and layered differently. I just didn’t have time! (and I was really confused by my washing machine).

      But I got some new clothes while I was in Seoul AND know how to work the washing machine…so I’m a happy lady. haha

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