Hold Onto Your Shorts…It’s a Doozy!

Here we go..finally a good, solid update…and it includes my snowboarding trip 😀

A few quick updates:
*apartment is feeling a bit more homey—I have some pics put up from home and just a few other touches
*I joined a book club.  I normally really enjoy reading and through college, I just never had the rime to actually read for the fun of it…and I’ve finally started getting back to it.
On the journey over here (and through the first few days), I read My Sister’s Keeper, and I’m currently reading Eat.Pray.Love., which I really enjoy so far.  (My Sister’s Keeper was also really really good, but I suppose a bit dark because the book deals with cancer and death.  Either way, I loved it.  Sad, but good.)  Eat. Pray. Love. Is also really good so far ( she just got to India)—and yes, I know it’s a movie.  I probably won’t end up seeing the movie.  The book has a lot of internal monologue and is more of a tale of a woman that discovers/finds herself, and I don’t think something that’s so personal could really translate that well to the big screen.
The book we’re reading now is by an Irish author, called Skippy Dies.  It has great reviews, so I’m excited to start up with that one too.
*I went to 3 jiu jitsu classes, but haven’t been back.  I liked it…but I want to get a bit more comfortable with my job first.  It’s just a pain because the class I want to go to starts at 7, and I’m finished with my last class at 6:45.  And I still need to wrap things up with them and enter homework assignments into the computer…and then I can leave.  Plus, that along with book club (which doesn’t honestly meet that often…but I feel overwhelmed if I try and juggle it all.  Overwhelmed and exhausted.
*I signed up for a 10K on April 7th (6.2 miles)—it’s during our Cherry Blossom festival.  The Cherry Blossom trees are supposed to be beautiful and I’m sure the weather will be nice too.  I just need to get running.  REALLY BAD.  AHH!  It’s coming up so quick!  Haha

Ski/Snowboarding Trip
Ah…finally.  Now, let’s hope I remember everything J
First off, there are quite a few organizations in Korea that offer weekend excursion trips around here and it’s pretty nice.  (Adventure Korea, Waegook Travel, When In Korea-WiNK)  They’re pretty much trips just for foreigners…  Also, since the trips are aimed at foreigners, they’re just weekend trips because we all work during the week.
Anyway, I’ve wanted to learn to snowboard for the longest time, so I got really excited when I saw they had an end of season trip planned.  The trip was based out of Seoul (about 3 hours by bus for me, 2 by train and 1 hour by KTX high speed train)—I had purchased a ticket for the KTX train but for whatever reason, I managed to get on the wrong train…which also happened to be one of the slower ones (still better than Amtrak :-P)…thankfully, the train I boarded was also headed to Seoul.  The ticket checker man helped me find a new seat and everyone was  really friendly and helpful.
I got out of school around 7, left my apartment for the train station around 8, and boarded my train around 9:10pm.  I got to Seoul just before 11pm.  I found a hostel online (but didn’t book, because I wanted to pay in won…) and got there around midnight.  Checked into a room and met some people from California that were studying in Korea and were currently headed for a night out in Seoul.
Went to bed around 12:30…woke up at 6:30 and went to my group’s meeting spot (54 of us!) at 7:30.  (It was super close, but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get ready and find the meeting spot.)

We rode one of those fancy buses to the next pick-up stop (to get others from the group in another part of Seoul)…drove for about 2.5-3 hours (with a rest stop in there) and then rented ski suits and goggles from a shop about a few miles before the ski resort.  Checked into the hostel at the ski resort together, dropped off our stuff and then went to the connecting resort to rent skis or snowboards.

I was able to get lessons from an English guy who was also teaching his girlfriend.  (The coordinator was supposed to hold lessons…but I wasn’t able to find him…)  Anyway, it went really well and I’m now hooked on snowboarding J
We started snowboarding around 11:30/noon and went til around 5 (with beers and snacks in between—thanks to the cafeteria in the ski lodge).  A few of us went to dinner (Korean BBQ)  at a place across the street.  I had a pass for the night ski as well (7:30-11:30) and went out for that (hoping to try out my new skills)…but the snow had apparently frozen and was practically a sheet of ice.
I went down about halfway…falling more times than I had fallen probably combined when I was out 3 times earlier in the day.  I ended up taking off my snowboard and walking the rest of the way…sore and pissed off.
I went back to the room and everyone in our room lounged around and played drinking games.
I originally planned to do the regular day ski (the main event) and then the morning ski the next day—but I was able to get a refund for that from the director.  (I bought the extra evening pass while we were driving to the resort because it was pretty cheap and figured I’d like it).  I got the refund mainly because I had torn off skin on my ankles (short socks + snowboarding boots = BAD.  I honestly didn’t even think about it when I was packing…) and my right ankle was really sore.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for using the pass in the morning because of that and he gave me my refund.
I ended up sleeping in the next day and some of us from my room went for lunch at the top of one of the mountains.  Really fun and relaxing morning.  (and cold!!)

The whole trip was really fun and I absolutely want to do it again this coming winter  😀


One thought on “Hold Onto Your Shorts…It’s a Doozy!

  1. Sounds like so much fun! I hope I can work up the courage to do the same next winter. I just love watching the X Games on TV and admire what snowboarders can do…..but I just have the worst balance in the world, I just have to work on my hamstrings and other exercises to help my balance in the meantime 🙂

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