Ooh! For me?! And it’s NOT a bill in Korean?! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen…it has happened!  I received my first “care package” from home..ah..Thursday?
It actually wasn’t really a care package, but I ordered from running shorts and new shoes from Nike.com, and since they don’t ship to Korea, I had them shipped to my mom’s house and she sent them over to me. (Thanks again, Mom! :))
Even though I knew it was coming, I was still really excited (ie: dancing around in the elevator, haha) when I got to pick it up from the security guy at the front desk.  🙂
Annnnnd…it only took 5 days!  Not too shabby!

My grandma’s friend Kay (practically family) also apparently sent me one recently too!  I feel so spoiled 😀  A real one this time…wahoo!  😀

Anyway, I still haven’t finished my TEFL course (yeah…remember that?  from months ago? ha.), so I’m trying to work on that and get it knocked out.  The online course has a 6 month limit and I have til May 16th or something like that.
I just got so busy with the car thing and then moving here…and then getting settled.
Now, I just need to make myself crank it out and get it done.  Ugh.

These are AWESOME!!!
Learn Korean

KWOW (Korean Word of the Week)

Sidenote 2:
I have almost 700 views to my blog!

Sidenote 3:
I think I’ve *inspired* my second person to come teach in Korea.  😀 😀


This is another personal piece, but what’s a blog about being on the other side of the planet without telling the whole truth.
The fact is, life goes on whether I’m here in Korea or not, and well…you’re supposed to deal with it the best you can either way.
I found out yesterday morning (for me) that I lost my grandpa.  It’s sort of been a long time coming because he’s been suffering from various ailments for the past few years. Thankfully, I have all the rest of my grandparents around…and even though I/we knew this was coming…it still hit like a ton of bricks.  I’m doing alright, but it’s still sort of come as a shock, and I was honestly in denial when I first heard from my mom.  That part of my brain assumed that my mom had been mistaken or that I had misheard or even made up that whole conversation in my head.

I wish more than anything that I could be there with my family through this and to help support my grandma.  However, I know that my place is here and that I’d be a fool to leave.
The great thing about being an expat is the community of other expats that you find yourself surrounded by.  These new friends become sort of like an extended family.  They know what you’re going through (whether it’s good or bad).
In this case, since I can’t be near my family, I’ve already had some friends checking up on me to make sure I’m alright and that I’m handling it ok.  And…you really need that while you’re “on your own” in another country.  It helps you, or me, feel less isolated.  And it’s wonderful.

I also think it’s going to be really strange to return back home in a year from now.

I wish I could be there to support my grandma (and other members of my family too, but especially her.)  We’ve been through a lot these past few years, as I also lost my dad to brain cancer in 2007   (5 years this December), but I know a lot of good things have happened too.  It’s just a rough few years.  (Partially why I’m doing this.)

Anyway, I’m dedicating this song to my grandma.  Well, and the rest of my family too.  ❤  Love you and miss you guys.  I’m there right with you, just in spirit.