Ooh! For me?! And it’s NOT a bill in Korean?! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen…it has happened!  I received my first “care package” from home..ah..Thursday?
It actually wasn’t really a care package, but I ordered from running shorts and new shoes from Nike.com, and since they don’t ship to Korea, I had them shipped to my mom’s house and she sent them over to me. (Thanks again, Mom! :))
Even though I knew it was coming, I was still really excited (ie: dancing around in the elevator, haha) when I got to pick it up from the security guy at the front desk.  🙂
Annnnnd…it only took 5 days!  Not too shabby!

My grandma’s friend Kay (practically family) also apparently sent me one recently too!  I feel so spoiled 😀  A real one this time…wahoo!  😀

Anyway, I still haven’t finished my TEFL course (yeah…remember that?  from months ago? ha.), so I’m trying to work on that and get it knocked out.  The online course has a 6 month limit and I have til May 16th or something like that.
I just got so busy with the car thing and then moving here…and then getting settled.
Now, I just need to make myself crank it out and get it done.  Ugh.

These are AWESOME!!!
Learn Korean

KWOW (Korean Word of the Week)

Sidenote 2:
I have almost 700 views to my blog!

Sidenote 3:
I think I’ve *inspired* my second person to come teach in Korea.  😀 😀

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