Classroom Materials

Thank you Internet!!!  I’ve found some great links on the Internet for classroom materials.  (Mostly thanks to Pinterest :)).  I also have a channel that I’ve been saving videos to on Youtube.

Speaking of the Internet…I found a childhood video (full version) on Youtube, and I feel embarrassed to post it (ha), but I think I’m going to play it for my kindergarten students around Christmastime.  I think they’ll get the most enjoyment out of it and they’ll be able to understand it by then too.  🙂

Other teaching links that I’ve found recently:
Popsicle Sticks
or here

Clothespin ABCs and Numbers

Edit:  (I couldn’t get the links to work last night :-/)
Kindergarten Klub Blog

Lamb Handwriting Practice

And, this is my YouTube ESL/Teaching Channel

Annnnd this is what I’m thinking about showing them around Christmastime…kind of like a reward for all their hard work because by then they should actually be able to enjoy it.  I think they could understand parts of it now, but that’s not as fun.

I’ll probably test out other Barney videos every so often to see how they like it and to see if they’d even enjoy watching a Barney video.  (I couldn’t do the whole thing in one day…but perhaps stretched out over a few days).  Anyway, more fun than doing activity books every day for the next year.  😛


First off, I think the ‘food’ part is the hardest adjustment for me here.  They have Western food to some extent but it’s also a lot more expensive than Korean food (which can be bought for roughly $2-5(USD)).
I’ve tried a bunch of different foods but my stomach doesn’t really seem to be satisfied with what I’m giving it.  I’m experiencing this weird thing where I’m not necessarily craving anything from home…but I’m also not craving anything from Korea.  I’m eating enough but I also feel like I’m constantly hungry.  I’m not sure if that’s my body’s way of adapting or what…but yeah…it’s very weird.
And I wish it’d hurry up.

I think it could also be getting used to the smaller portion sizes too…bah.  No fun.

Oh…and 700 VISITORS!!!!!
Wahoo!!!!!! 😀
I feel like a proud mama 🙂