First off, I think the ‘food’ part is the hardest adjustment for me here.  They have Western food to some extent but it’s also a lot more expensive than Korean food (which can be bought for roughly $2-5(USD)).
I’ve tried a bunch of different foods but my stomach doesn’t really seem to be satisfied with what I’m giving it.  I’m experiencing this weird thing where I’m not necessarily craving anything from home…but I’m also not craving anything from Korea.  I’m eating enough but I also feel like I’m constantly hungry.  I’m not sure if that’s my body’s way of adapting or what…but yeah…it’s very weird.
And I wish it’d hurry up.

I think it could also be getting used to the smaller portion sizes too…bah.  No fun.

Oh…and 700 VISITORS!!!!!
Wahoo!!!!!! 😀
I feel like a proud mama 🙂


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