Feeling Inspired.

I’ve decided (recently) that I want to re-decorate my kindergarten room.  The school keeps up the same stuff in the rooms (to “impress” parents)…but it’s so outdated and a lot of the stuff on the walls isn’t even used or looked at.
I basically got the approval when I re-did a bulletin board and the head teacher (and one of the owners) came in and oogled at it.  😀

Anyway, I’ll take before/after pictures because I think it’s going to be great.  🙂  So so excited.  This is right up my alley.  I actually think I want to teach kindergarten when I get home.  Or at least early elementary.  So fun.
Example:  My classroom doesn’t even have the alphabet posted 😦  There’s a small poster in the corner on phonics and it’s on there…but that’s it.  So sad.
We also made alphabet trains, and we have those, but that was more of a craft…I want it to be prominent.  The numbers also aren’t posted anywhere :-/
I’m going to also turn one wall into a craft display wall.
So excited 🙂  Pics to come in the near future when I get some of this going.  🙂

However, today, I took down some old stuff and had my students hang their “body” pictures on the wall.  They drew pictures of themselves and we labeled them together.  It looks so much better with the fresh pictures on the wall.  And that’s just one side.

This is a phenomenal craft-idea website.  So excited to use some of this for some of our themes.

Edit (4/3):
Crap.  I changed more stuff today (added an art display area) and forgot to take before/after pics.  I’ll definitely try and do it tomorrow.
ALSO…more classroom ideas:
*Speech Wall (We–Um..I–write weekly speeches for the students about what they’re learning that week and they present them on Fridays)–It’d be cool to have them displayed so we can watch the progress throughout the year.
*ABCs–still need to hang up (apparently our owner doesn’t have the ABCs posted anywhere in the school because it makes it look too basic.  Um…it’s kindergarten.
Um…I’m still hanging them.  Otherwise they’ll never master them and also never be able to read properly.)
*WE LOVE ENGLISH–This is my best one, I think.  I want to cut out big block letters that spell this and inside each letter, I’ll write a bunch of words that start with that letter.  Then it’ll be hung on the wall.

So excited.  🙂

Germ Squasher Update

Operation Germ Minimization:  Update
It’s going really well 🙂
The kids are like little sponges and their reaction to the slow-mo sneeze was kind of priceless.  😛  Anyway, we’re on the right track! yay!  I’m also working with my elementary students on manners too, now that the kindergarteners have it about down now.