Creating Creative Thinkers

This is more of a post to myself, ha 🙂
Creativity isn’t really encouraged in the classroom or outside of it either (limited playtime/heavy focus on school and memorization of material).–Trying to think of activities I can do with my students to help get them thinking differently.  Which, I’ve told can be a very, very daunting task.

Example:  I told my class of 4 to work together to write me a story.  They had to make sure it had a beginning, middle and an end.  We talked about what happened in the beginning of a story and 20 minutes in, all they had down was that it was going to be about Angry Birds (it’s a bit of an obsession on this side of the globe).
It makes me so sad to think about 😦  Kids back home would jump at the chance to “create a story about anything’ or “draw a picture.  Here are the crayons.”  And…they just don’t get it here.  They don’t really know how to think “outside the box”…or anything away from memorization.  :-/
The other teachers at my school are also working on helping make more creative students too.   One teacher used to give them a “homework assignment” of going outside and playing for 60 minutes.  She added that they had to do a “journal entry” (write ANYTHING about what they did) because she found that the students wouldn’t do that assignment because their parents didn’t take it seriously because there wasn’t work attached to it.  So…they wouldn’t go outside and play.
Anyway, I’m working on a list to help encourage creative thinking in my elementary students.

Inspiring Elementary Students to be more creative:
*Group Story–each person write a line of the story and keep passing it around.
*Penpals with teacher (me :-D)


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