Well…this is new + Expenses

You know what’s a weird feeling?

Actually wanting Monday to come, so I can go to work.

Wow.  There must be something in the water here.  lol.  😛

I wanted to wait until I had a few bills here before I did this post, and I have…so here we go.
I wanted to compare my financial stuff here to that back home.

Salary: $10.20/hr–40 hours per week
After Taxes/Take-Home Pay: about $650-$720 (depending on whether or not I hit overtime that week or not)–averaged around $650-660 every two weeks.
About $1400.00/month (at $700 every two weeks)

Rent: $465.00/mo
Car Insurance: $60/mo
Cell Phone (with data plan for smartphone): $88/mo
Student Loans 1:  $117.94/mo
Student Loans 2: $196.59/mo
Car Payment: $159.48
Gas $240/mo ($40 every 5 days at $3.40/gal):
Internet: $19
Utilities: $60 (average)–around $80 in winter and $20 in Spring
Credit Card: varies

Total: 1406.00

Good thing I had that savings account to chip away at, because I didn’t include groceries.
Granted, before I had my apartment, I had a good amount in savings, gas was cheaper and I didn’t have anything on my credit card. Then I started planning for Korea…and then I had a credit card bill.
Anyway, fun times.


Salary: 2.3 million won/month
$2, 032.32/mo (depending on the exchange rate)

Storage Unit: $72.00
Internet: (not sure yet?  like $20?)
Phone (smart phone with data plan): $54
Utilities: $20 (Feb-March)
Student Loans 1: 117.94
Student Loans 2: 196.59

Total: $480.53 + food.

2, 032
= $1552 (- food) in take-home pay.

Yes.  Seriously.
I’ve lived check to check for pretty much my entire working life, and even growing up, there was never really money to throw around.  So THAT is pretty incredible.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, and I’m sure it’ll take awhile.
My goal is to send $1000 home every month.  My credit card is kind of in a sad state right now (preparing documents to come over here is EXPENSIVE), so that’s first on the list, but then it’s going to bills, student loans and into the savings account.

Anyway, I’ve had a wonderfully productive Saturday (lots of cleaning…heh.–and I got another unit on my TEFL course done!  And I worked out for the first time since being here!!).  Feeling Good.  And really tired.
Hopefully more productivity tomorrow.  But until then…headed to bed.  Probably going to watch a movie (on my laptop…no tv) and then head to bed.  It’s just after midnight here.

Goodnight and Happy Easter!!!!!  (Easter doesn’t seem to be celebrated here…or not at least in the pastel-explosion form that we do back home :-P)

Kindergarten Plans: Week of 4/9/12

I wanted to share my plans for this week.  Our theme for Kindergarten this week is: the body.  Our kindergarteners are put into 3 groups depending upon skill levels.  I have the youngest/most basic.  Then there are two more above me.
The group directly above me can read already, and the group above that can read a bit stronger.  The ages are a bit different too.  I have the little ones 🙂  Age 3-6 (Western age–Korean ages are figured a bit differently.)

So, we’re learning everything.
*Body part names (I’m keeping it kind of basic, I think.  Stuff that’s used most frequently)
*clothing names

We’ve talked about the ones that are in bold.  Each unit (in kindergarten) is a month long.  I tried introducing senses, but I think they were really confused, so I figured I’d let it ride out a bit and we’d just do that later on.

This is my lesson plan agenda for the week (each class is 35 minutes long):
Theme Class
-Review Body & Left/Right
-Review Clothes
-Finish Flipbooks

-ABC Matching Game (I have flashcards made up that they use to put the letters in ABC order…or to do their best in some cases.  I pair the ones that are struggling with a partner)
-Awards–I found Alphabet Achievement Awards online!–They’re just printouts that say that that student has mastered their alphabet.  I have one student that has it down and one that is really, really close.  She gets some letters mixed up.  The C and the K, and I forgot what the other pair was.  I’m working with the other two on it.  The other two are also a lot younger, so it might be awhile.
-Phonics Workbooks (2 pages)
-Letter tracing worksheets (2 letters)
ABC Song

Speech Class
ABC video (5 minutes)
-Elmo’s Sneezing Video (1 minute)
CRAFT TIME: Tambourine
note: For some reason, our school has the kindergarten students doing these really advanced art books (Botticelli-esque)…yes..they’re really young, and yes, they have trouble with them.  So, I want to do some fun stuff in my class.  Plus, crafts help build muscles in their hands…which is good for later handwriting.  🙂   And, I think it’s fun.  🙂

Theme Class
-Hello, How are you? video
-Left/Right Review
-Hokey Pokey  (Yes, I do it with them, lol.)

Speech Class
ABC Song with Elmo
Phonics ABC song (2:40)
Alphabet Pizza Craft

-Hello, how are you–video
-ABC song–ELMO
-Body Tracing Activity  (large paper..trace bodies and label)

Speech Class
-Introduce new speech for this week (I SEE you, I HEAR you)
-Talk more about senses


-Hello, How are you?
-Alphabet song
-Review body and senses
-Hokey Pokey

Phonics ABC video
-ABC Cards–put in order (Introduce Word cards to Crystal)
-Phonics Workbooks

-Practice Speeches x2
-Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
-Speeches again


Only class for me is Theme Class–Speech Day/Presentation Day

By the way, this is my ESL channel on YouTube:
Other crafts I want to do: