Kindergarten Plans: Week of 4/9/12

I wanted to share my plans for this week.  Our theme for Kindergarten this week is: the body.  Our kindergarteners are put into 3 groups depending upon skill levels.  I have the youngest/most basic.  Then there are two more above me.
The group directly above me can read already, and the group above that can read a bit stronger.  The ages are a bit different too.  I have the little ones 🙂  Age 3-6 (Western age–Korean ages are figured a bit differently.)

So, we’re learning everything.
*Body part names (I’m keeping it kind of basic, I think.  Stuff that’s used most frequently)
*clothing names

We’ve talked about the ones that are in bold.  Each unit (in kindergarten) is a month long.  I tried introducing senses, but I think they were really confused, so I figured I’d let it ride out a bit and we’d just do that later on.

This is my lesson plan agenda for the week (each class is 35 minutes long):
Theme Class
-Review Body & Left/Right
-Review Clothes
-Finish Flipbooks

-ABC Matching Game (I have flashcards made up that they use to put the letters in ABC order…or to do their best in some cases.  I pair the ones that are struggling with a partner)
-Awards–I found Alphabet Achievement Awards online!–They’re just printouts that say that that student has mastered their alphabet.  I have one student that has it down and one that is really, really close.  She gets some letters mixed up.  The C and the K, and I forgot what the other pair was.  I’m working with the other two on it.  The other two are also a lot younger, so it might be awhile.
-Phonics Workbooks (2 pages)
-Letter tracing worksheets (2 letters)
ABC Song

Speech Class
ABC video (5 minutes)
-Elmo’s Sneezing Video (1 minute)
CRAFT TIME: Tambourine
note: For some reason, our school has the kindergarten students doing these really advanced art books (Botticelli-esque)…yes..they’re really young, and yes, they have trouble with them.  So, I want to do some fun stuff in my class.  Plus, crafts help build muscles in their hands…which is good for later handwriting.  🙂   And, I think it’s fun.  🙂

Theme Class
-Hello, How are you? video
-Left/Right Review
-Hokey Pokey  (Yes, I do it with them, lol.)

Speech Class
ABC Song with Elmo
Phonics ABC song (2:40)
Alphabet Pizza Craft

-Hello, how are you–video
-ABC song–ELMO
-Body Tracing Activity  (large paper..trace bodies and label)

Speech Class
-Introduce new speech for this week (I SEE you, I HEAR you)
-Talk more about senses


-Hello, How are you?
-Alphabet song
-Review body and senses
-Hokey Pokey

Phonics ABC video
-ABC Cards–put in order (Introduce Word cards to Crystal)
-Phonics Workbooks

-Practice Speeches x2
-Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
-Speeches again


Only class for me is Theme Class–Speech Day/Presentation Day

By the way, this is my ESL channel on YouTube:
Other crafts I want to do:

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