Decorating Woes and Hurrahs

So, I did the whole “WE LOVE ENGLISH” idea, and I made the letters too big for the space.  Grrrr 😦  So sad.
The head teacher said we could use them in the hallway though, which is good, but pretty sure she’s using my creativity to help decorate the school.  (We have kids schoolwork up around the school from several years ago…and if you take down pictures or signs, there’s a dark outline around whatever was hanging.  Sick.)
I like decorating, but when I see pictures online of real classrooms that teachers decorated…I’m so jealous.  I’d love to have my own room…with real supplies and books and :-/

Anyway, I did come up with my first bulletin board idea.  We don’t have to do any sort of decorating, but I think it helps spruce up my room and I like it, so ah well.
Anyway, the bulletin board.
Still working on those ABCs, but I want to switch the bulletin board over (currently ABC trains that the girls made a few weeks ago) to “Sight Words”, which are words that are used most frequently in the English language (or any language).  Knowing them helps you read…and since that’s in the direction of the next step, I’d like to help nudge them in that direction.  (Or at least get them excited for that next step).
The title will be “A Summer of Sight Words”  and I want to have a bunch of ice cream cones, and on each scoop of ice cream (many scoops on each cone) will be a new word.  (ie: the, me, if, can, you, a, I, etc.)

Like this…but in paper and bulletin board form.


Probably taking on too much again, but I hate looking at that classroom…I feel like I’ll be so much happier when it looks nice.  Blrgh.

I was going to make a new post, but I’ll just sneak this in down here to see if people are reading, ha.
This is completely unrelated to the whole bulletin board thing from above.
I’ve been toying with what I want to do when my Korea days are over…I know it’s pretty far off, but still.
(Actually…wow.  I remember that when I was younger, I used to plan pretty far into the future, and then once I get further into high school and college, the planning sort of stopped.  I knew about graduation and that sort of thing, but it was honestly because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  And it’s hard to plan much past graduation when you have no idea.)
Anyway, so…this is something I’ve been working on in my head…working on bits and pieces and different ideas (like a jigsaw puzzle) and seeing how I can make them fit into my plans.  Granted, this could all easily change in an instant, or come crashing down if I decide in 6 months that I hate teaching, and I know that.  I’m fully aware.  I just like to plan, and helps get me excited for the future.  No laughing 😛  I think it sounds pretty darn exciting.  (AND dear Lord, if I could get a boyfriend squeezed into this picture, that would be wonderful.  Please and thank you.)

The Plan (as of 4/11/12)
*Finish year 1 of teaching ESL
*return home–visit loved ones and do a tour of the West Coast (Washington, Oregon and California–plenty of friends on that side of the US that I would love to visit)
*Spend time in Australia visiting a friend over there
*Complete a second year teaching ESL here in Korea ($$$ and experience :))
*Paid return-flight home–see family
*Return to Australia to work as a pre-school teacher (no degree needed from what I’ve seen) and work on my Masters in Education while I’m there.

*Teach elementary/Get Married/Have babies/Have an awesome life.

Just a few ideas floating in my head…I think it sounds like a grand ol’ time.  🙂
The pre-school teacher thing could technically be anywhere, but Australia sounds pretty awesome.
Anyway, that’s that.  Don’t freak out, nothing is set in stone.  🙂