Discipline in my Classroom

I’m on my lunch break now and went to a BURGER place with a co-worker.  We have a Burger King across the street (and a Starbucks), but I mentioned I had been craving a real burger for awhile.  So we went to a burger place (REAL BURGERS…none of those flat “burgers” from fast food places) and it was wonderful.  And it’s right down the street. 🙂

*Classroom is coming along nicely too 🙂  Looks much better with fun stuff on the walls.  I’m trying to cover it with more of their projects and stuff relevant to what we’re talking about.  I’ll post pics/video when I’m satisfied with it 🙂  (Head Teacher and the Owner’s wife are happy with it too 🙂 hoorah!)

I also wanted to make a note of the type of discipline I use in my classroom.  I used to send my kids to the Korean teachers if they were really rowdy, but I heard/saw that ours don’t really do much to help the situation.  I love my Korean co-teachers (they also teach different lessons), but I’ve found (and was advised) that it works better if I do all my own disciplining.  And it’s been working wonders since then.
Discipline in Stacey Teacher’s classes:
*Anyway, I use M&Ms as a form of positive reinforcement in all of my classes.  I used them more at the beginning of the year, but I’ve been weaning them off as the year has progressed.  The school also provides the kids with sticker books, and we give them stickers also to reinforce good behavior (turning in homework, following directions, being a good student etc).  If they are all being loud or if someone is disrupting the class, I’ve found that it’s more effective to stand there with your arms crossed than to be like “Quiet!! Be Quiet!!  Listen to me!!”  They tend to shut up pretty quick. ha.
First, I’ll warn them a few times and use verbal cues that they aren’t behaving properly.

Then I’ll either take the students and have them stand against the wall or stand outside the classroom (depends on the situation) for like 5 minutes.  I’ll continue on normally with class during this time and explain to the student and the class why I’m doing what I’m doing.  (Works well with all ages, but really helpful with the beginner students)

Or, I’ll put homework pages on the board and explain that I will add pages if they’re behaving poorly or if I have to keep stopping the class.  This works really well because they see how their behavior corresponds with a consequence…in very real time.  Also good if there’s one or two students acting out in the class, because if the rest of the students see that those kids are causing them to get more homework, then they jump on them telling them to be quiet.  Good stuff.  🙂
^My most recent tactic 🙂

Anyway, headed back to work.