You know you’re a kindergarten teacher when…

*your brain thinks up classroom decorating ideas and bulletin board themes in its down time.  (Or basically…anytime outside direct classroom time…when I COULD be thinking of other things…or relaxing.  No.  My brain doesn’t remember how to shut off anymore.)

Sidenote: I did think up a cool bulletin board idea earlier that I’m really proud of.  haha  🙂  I’m thinking of doing a Starry Night of ABCs theme.  ha.  I’m sick of looking at the current bulletin board which has a bunch of alphabet trains on it.
This one will just be a dark background with some trees or something at the bottom, and the alphabet letters (in yellow) mixed in with some stars and the moon.

Ooh!  And I could print out some pictures of some little girls and have them “stargazing” up at the ABCs…

I love myself some days.  This sounds brilliant.  😛

Too bad report cards are due soon and I have to do those instead.
OH…AND..I still haven’t finished that TEFL course.  I have less than a month to do it, so that’s (and school) partially why I don’t update as frequently these days.  (DMZ post is coming!)
The TEFL course is a teaching certification course.  I’m doing mine online and it’s um..involved.  It takes ages to even get one lesson done, especially since I’m so tired after a full day of classes.
However, I did pay for it…it’s not required to have one to teach here, but you can get paid more, and hey, it might look good in the future too.
I just basically need to suck it up and get it over with :-/

In other news, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL here.  Apparently this is what Spring is supposed to be like.  Who knew it wasn’t supposed to be 95 degrees and humid and then snowing the next day.  (ie: back home)  ha 🙂

That’s all for now…adios!

Also, you know you’re a kindergarten teacher when:
*You seem to have the alphabet stuck in your head more often than not
*You’re very familiar with the tune to Elmo’s World…and this also gets stuck in your head.

I also just needed to talk about how hard my life is here…just for one quick second.
My phone bill is $28 this month.  (AHHH!!! hahaaha.  How cool.)  It’s actually only that low because I just signed up and this isn’t even a full month’s bill.  But hey, have to celebrate the small stuff.  🙂