Anniversary! (+ Haircut)

Today marks my second month in Korea!
Can’t believe it’s been two months already!

10 more and I’ll be back home…crazy.

I got my first haircut in Korea yesterday, and I was just a wee bit nervous about that.  I have layers and side bangs and all sorts of stuff going on, so trying to explain that when there is a language barrier…yeah.

Anyway, a co-worker told me where she got hers cut (and hers is curly, so it takes the extra skill to cut curly hair.  And uh, in case you weren’t aware…Asian people don’t have curly hair.  So you have to find the right hairdresser that knows what to do with it).
Thankfully, I don’t have curly hair–just really thick.  (Love it though).

I was immediately stunned when I walked into the hair salon.  Chandeliers and 5 or 6 people ready to welcome you into the place and take your coat and belongings.  They put them in a locker and gave you the key.  Then you were taken to a sitting area where you could get a few types of juice or water or whatever.  There was also a giant flatscreen tv and a popcorn machine!   Girls were running around taking peoples “orders” on clipboards for what they wanted done to their hair.  Did I mention the chandeliers??
ALSO–sidenote–a haircut doesn’t exceed 12,000 Won here.  (a bit less than $12 USD).

^Waiting Area

I waited about 20 minutes in the waiting area and a girl came over and took me to the chair.  I worked on explaining what I wanted (lots of gestures and Google Translator).  Went to the area to get a shampoo and 2 notes here:
1. Their shampooing chairs are much more comfortable (plus neck support)
2. You get a scalp MASSAGE when they do this.  Not just shampoo in and shampoo out…but a massage too.  Yay!! 🙂

Went back to the chair and she confirmed what I wanted.  Pretty sure this is when my breathing stopped.  We were having communication trouble and I kept hearing words like “color” and “curl” and I started to panic.  Part of me wanted to just get up and leave.  I mean…who needs a haircut anyway.  Heh.
I still don’t know what she was asking, but I kept saying “No color..just cut”.  I have no clue if she was asking if I colored my hair or if I wanted to color it.  Or if I wanted her to curl it at the end (they style it for you too) or if I wanted a perm.  I have no idea.
Anyway, she walked away and another girl came up and started cutting it.  Then the other girl came back up and she and another guy dried it.  (Each person seems to have a team of people, lol.)  I liked it…yay.
THEN, she took me to this little sideroom and put up this weird magnifier to my hair roots and said “dry” “no good”  “very dry.”  She then quoted me a price on a treatment they could put on it to add moisture.
It was only an extra 10,000 Won (like $9), so I said sure.

Went to another set of chairs and I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing…I knew she wasn’t coloring it, because I specifically heard those words “dry” “no good”.
She rubbed some creamy stuff into my scalp and gave me a magazine to “read”.  Took 5-10 minutes then took me back to the hair-washing station.  Washed all the stuff out.  We went back to another station (regular..with mirror, etc)…then she took this tiny spray bottle and started spraying stuff on my scalp.  Then she dried it…I could already see a very visible difference.  SO SO shiny and soft.  My gosh.  😀 😀
She then straightened it and escorted me back to where I got my coat and stuff at the lockers and I paid. (No tipping here).

All that for 24, 000 won.  AWESOME.
A bit of a nerve-wracking experience, but very worth it.

I got an OVEN!!! Ovens don’t come standard in kitchens here, so I knew by coming to Korea, my love for baking would have to be put on hold.
HOWEVER, a co-worker and his wife are heading back to Canada in two weeks and I’m buying it off them (and baking pans etc etc).
YAY! 😀 😀

It’s not a standard oven–bigger than a toaster oven, but small enough where I can carry it in my arms.
Now…just trying to find a spot for it in my tiny kitchen…

One thought on “Anniversary! (+ Haircut)

  1. Great Post Stacey! Glad you had an awesome haircut experience. I keep hearing the customer service experience is second to none in Korea. I look forward to that. So great to see that you have an oven! From you’re Facebook posts you have made here in the States I can tell that baking is not just for the end product (yummy as your creations look and taste) but you act of baking means a lot as well.

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