Travel Updates

I just booked my flight to Japan for May 26 🙂  I have another good friend teaching there, so I’ll be able to spend some time with her and see her neck of the woods 😀
I got a really good deal on the flight too.
I have a 3-day weekend (oh dahhhhling…Looks like I’m off to Japan for this extended weekend…toodles!) and I kept toying with the idea of going because the flight can be pricey…and it was only 3 days.  Also, trying to find good flight times was also a hassle.  It seemed all the flights left here in the late evening and then the return flights left really early.  Complete opposite of what I’m looking for.

I’ve been keeping an eye on it though, and managed to find a good flight at a reasonable price ($200 cheaper than when I first saw it), so I jumped on it.  I feel better about it because the times are good and I got a good deal on the flight prices.  🙂

Back up plan was to go to the World DJ Festival (basically a giant rave–a huge concert where a bunch of DJs from around the world come together and put on a weekend-long concert/show) and then to see the Lantern Festival in Seoul that Sunday.
I still want to go to that, but I think this will be great too.  Anyway, there’s always next year for that other stuff if I still plan to stay an extra year.

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