Travel Updates–Part Deux

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Just booked my summer trip for the wonderful island of Bali, Indonesia!!!  Booking now because there are some good deals going on.
Man, I’m ready to sit on the beach and sip some fancy drinks.  🙂

I had just the beach lounging in my mind (ideally going to keep it a relatively cheap trip), but…then I found that apparently Bali is a surfing mecca.  And.  I’ve wanted to learn how to surf for ages.  Sooooo…. yep.  Might be crossing that off the ol’ bucket list too!  🙂
So so so excited!
I found a surfing school and for 2.5 hours of instruction, it’s $50. And they say that you’ll be surfing by the end of the lesson.  🙂

😀 😀