Completely Unrelated…

Hey all–
My cousin’s son is in a contest for a magazine cover (SO ADORABLE) and I would love if you could please vote.  Please?!  It takes just a few seconds.  🙂  Thanks!

Also (unrelated to Korea…kinda):
I bought a new dress today!! 😀

It was the last one in stock…and it was my size…and I’ve been eyeing it for a few months now.  Anyway, I also don’t have anything fancy to wear here, so…yeah.  That was all the rationalizing that was going on in my head.  🙂  Also, wasn’t too expensive and either was the international shipping.  I’m pretty happy.

I love Good stuff 🙂  Unique styles and fun clothes at decent prices.  Amen.  🙂

…currently working on my TEFL course…on number 11 of 20.  Hoping to finish 11 and 12 tonight.  Getting close to the deadline, but I work well under pressure.  Bring it.
Oh hey, and it’s Friday tomorrow!  Hurrah!

I also love this dress…but not for $80.  Maybe when it goes on sale.  I’ve been eyeing that one too.


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