Doing Something About It

I’ve decided that while I’m going through this homesickness, I’m going to try and make a list of all the things I like about Korea.  I’m going to try and make this an on-going list, so I’ll come back and update from time to time.
Note:  Keep in mind that I’ve been going through homesickness and my outlook right now is a bit bitter, so I’ll try to update when I’m on an upswing on my mood.

Things I like About Life in South Korea
*Getting an entire case of strawberries from the fruit seller guy on the corner…for less than $5.  (It’s 5,000 Won)

*The landscape/scenery/natural beauty of the country  (love the mountains!  and how close the beach is)

*The bluntness of the people–I hear that I’m beautiful about 400x more often here than I did back home.  (at home: in bars by drunk people, my family, or just general compliments on my eyes or hair, or comments from old people)  Here: more common and very direct.  An actual “You’re beautiful.”  which…feels awesome.  Definitely better than “damnnnn girl, you fine!”  lol.
^^However, there is a huge flip-side to this.  Those jeans make you look fat?  You’ll hear about it.

*The KTX//High Speed Rail System

*My kiddos

*The fact that hugs and playing with my kids is encouraged..not shameful or something that could put you at risk for a lawsuit.

*Cheap food

*Not having to pay for gas.  (love driving, don’t like the expense…especially now that I’ve experienced what it’s like without it)

*Sending half/$1000 (a bit less than that with the fees) home each month out of my paycheck.


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