Happy 3rd Monthiversary to me!

I’m headed to bed soon, so this will definitely be a short one.

As of tomorrow morning (ie; 6 hours) it will be my 3rd monthiversary here in Korea!  Wow!  3 months already and 1/4 of the way through my first year in Korea!  

I’m having a good time and doing well, and as for the homesickness–it’s just a part of living abroad.  It comes and goes in waves, but it hasn’t struck for awhile.  (hoorah!)

Also, I’ve been working on getting back into a workout regime.  I used to work out more when I was at home and it’s been a process trying to get myself to do the same while I’m here.
I used to work out more at the gym back home and now I’ve found (after purchasing a 3 month gym membership to a place here awhile back) that I like working out at my apartment better.  
Either way, it’s good that I’m doing it again.   I’ve been noticing more results on top of what I had achieved back home too.  (Probably because I don’t have a car and do a lot more walking here).
(Thanks Pinterest for all the fabulous workout ideas!  Helping me mix things up and keep motivated!)
Beach season! Beach season! Beach season!

Ah, what else is happening—
1.  Learning Korean (formal class setting) has been put on hold.  I’m trying to get other things sorted out first, and since I live in such a populated area, learning Korean isn’t super high on the to-do list, since I can get by with what basics I already know. 

2.  SO EXCITED for summer!  I don’t get a summer break or anything, but I have some fun weekend plans and such booked.  July is booked weekend-to-weekend (or will be…)  There’s a ton of fun stuff to do here and stuff is going on all the time…it’s just a matter of finding what it is that you REALLY want to do and just doing that.  And making sure you’re saving money.  (or not, if you choose that route.  And yes, I’m somewhat judging you if you do.)  And on that note, July will probably be the month that I actually won’t send money home.  Everything I have planned is something that I REALLY want to do.  And, as this is as much about having fun and making memories/experiences as it is saving money…I’ll do what I darn well please.  🙂 haha.

3.  If I say (ie: on Facebook) that I’m living off pancakes til the next payday.  Please don’t freak out.  Yes, I’m low on money, but I’m not dying or anything.  I’m restricting myself because I’m going to Japan this weekend…BUT MOSTLY because I only get paid once a month, and May has been a very long month.  (Yes it has.  Go look at a calendar.)  But, I’ll be fine.  Please stop worrying.  Thank you.
Side note: another cool perk about my job is that I can get part of my next check in advance if I am short on cash.  

Anyhoo, headed to bed.  Gooooood night!/Good day/Good afternoon! 🙂

P.S.–I think I’m keeping this layout for awhile.  I kinda like the new look.  🙂