Classroom Fun (pictures!)

Just some pictures about what we’ve been doing in some of my classes.

Art Class–5.15.2012
We made hats out of construction paper!
Lay the paper flat and have them decorate it any way they wanted (I pre-cut a lot of the stuff to help with creativity and for timing)–Then when finished, put it around their head and staple to size.
Got the idea from Mrs. Robert’s kindergarten art class—From..oh..1991?  🙂  (ie: from when I went to kindergarten)


I saw this on Pinterest and it’s amazing.
I’ve used it with my kindergarten classes too.
This was with my English 1.1 elementary class.  They’ve pretty much mastered the alphabet flashcards (I use those if we have extra time.  I have two sets and I throw them on the ground and the two teams race to put them together the quickest.  Also a good learning tool if not used in a race format).
Anyway–this is the next step.  I hang yarn on the wall and the students match the uppercase cards to the lowercase buddies on the clips and hang them in order.  Took them about 20 minutes. (First time through)–They seemed to really enjoy it and it was a good challenge for them.


^^Just made these today!
Apply glue (gluestick) to entire sheet of paper.  Add yarn in a fun (flat) design.
Lay foil over the top and press down.  Color!

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