Tie-Dye Fun!

For art class today, I joined up with the other teacher that teaches art, and we did a whole-kindergarten tie-dye project.
The school provided white t-shirts with the school’s name on the front…and the kids got to have some fun.

I was pretty much the leader/organizer for this particular project because none of the Koreans had done or even knew what tie-dyeing was and the other teacher that taught art hadn’t ever done it herself.

So, armed with my knowledge from when I was 13-14, we managed to get all 20-something kindergartners their very own tie-dyed shirt!
I had them in groups–all the students started in the main room, where they put on their plastic painting sleeves (little plastic sleeves that covered wrist to elbow) and aprons.  They they went into the other room where our other art teacher (another foreign teacher who just so happens to teach art classes, like myself) helped the kids write their names inside the shirts and put rubber bands on them.

She sent them over to me and I supervised the tie-dyeing process.  I had 3 colors for them to use and only had 3 students dyeing at a time.  I had any other students that came into the room sitting in chairs watching.  A bit stressful (ages 3-6) but really fun and I think the kids really enjoyed the process.  Our head Korean teacher also said that she wanted to make one.  (She’s never done tie-dye…it’s not really a thing here…yet.  😉 )
Some of the other Korean teachers helped supervise the kids, and our head Korean teacher was in the room with me, helping replenish dye colors as they were used up.  😀

I wish I could let the kids open the shirts themselves, but we’re off tomorrow (public holiday! yay!), so we’re just going to hand them back on Thursday.  Plus, having 20 something kindergartners undoing their rubberbanded shirts could be an ordeal in itself.  AND, I can try and get them washed/cleaned before handing them back.  That way the kids can wear them on Thursday if they want and not have to worry about colors coming off on their clothes.

AHHH..I’m so excited 😀
I like doing the art classes…and it’s more fun bringing some of our American-style art projects to the school here.  I just love seeing their reactions.  Our head teacher was amazed at some of the projects that we’ve been doing recently…she was even more amazed that I remembered doing them from kindergarten and elementary school myself.
Side note–Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but prior to all these art projects, our kids were doing art books that were at about the 5th grade level.  Each one was centered on a famous artist from the past and they had to ‘re-create” famous pieces.  Um.  These kids are really young..some can’t even color inside the lines…much less doing projects like that.

Anyway, extremely happy that our head teacher let us have a go at making up some of the art lessons ourselves and that we’re away from the books now.
She gave us a trial week a few weeks back (to see what we’d do in class for projects) and now it’s been a few weeks and we have all of June (at least) to do whatever we want in classes.  😀

I’m just really grateful for her allowing us (especially me, since I love the creative artsy/craftsy stuff) the flexibility to try some new stuff. I really think this has brought the life back into the place.  It helps to have stuff to look forward to 🙂

Edit: 6.6.12
Freshly hand-washed tie-dye shirts 😀  Lookin’ good!  (I panicked a bit when the water changed color when I dipped them in the sink…but looks good, I think!)