Just wanted to make an apology for the lack of posts recently. My TEFL course is due on Thursday (it’s Monday) and I’m working by butt off to get it finished.
I’m re-doing one of the lessons, but otherwise, I’m on Unit 18/20.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but I’m just ready for the course to be over.  I’m ready to have my free time back…

Note:  I’ve been working on this for 7 months as of Thursday.

Note 2:  Nothing super thrilling has been happening recently anyway.  Just the same ol’ thing.  Teach, TEFL, hang out with people, weekend.  Repeat.  🙂
I’ll be sure to check back in once I get this finished.
However!  Not really teaching related, but I’ve been trying to get myself into a routine of eating more fruit (veggies too, slowly…heh.) and working out more….and, well I’ve noticed changes, but a co-worker of mine mentioned to me yesterday that she can see a change.  She said I’m becoming more trim and slender.  YAY!!!
I don’t have a weightloss goal or anything, just trying to be healthier, lose a bit of that lower belly pudge and tone up my thighs.   Overall toning is my goal.
It’s been on the backburner for a bit now though because of the TEFL thing, but I’m still walking a lot and I plan on jumping right back into it when my course is over.  🙂

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