Other, Personal Goals

This isn’t directly Korea-related, but as being in Korea has helped the progress and  well, it happened while I was here, I felt like I could post it.

Anyway, I’ve had a personal goal of becoming more toned/trim and losing some of the pudge around my belly…and well, just trying to be healthier.
I don’t know how much I’ve lost because (1) I don’t have a scale and (2) it’s never really been about the number for me, just the look and how I feel.

I’ve liked how I look, but I just wanted to tweak here and there or improve.  Just trying to get healthier.  And well, I think my hard work has made itself known.  I’ve been able to notice the results for a few weeks now, and it makes me feel a bit narcissistic to say it, but I’m so so proud of my results.  A bit more to go, but I’m so thrilled.  I’ve noticed my oblique muscles on my stomach becoming more defined, more toned arms and working on the legs.  But ahhhhhh!! Yay!! 😀
Also, I’ve had 3 people in the past week mention how they see a difference.

Just wanted to re-iterate that I’m doing this the healthy way and I’m not starving myself or anything.  Trying to eat more fruit and cut out the junk.  Also, in Korea, I (and everyone) walk EVERYWHERE.  Granted, you can take a cab, but coupled with the diet change, stress and increased exercise, people lose weight when they come here.  (Happened in Europe too.  Just because these cities are more walking-friendly.  Nice large sidewalks with plenty of room for bikes too!)

Anyway, yay me!! 😀  All those ab exercises, planks and pushups are paying off 😀

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