Budgeting for July-madness!

I basically assumed that with all of the stuff I have going on in July that it would be the one month where I wouldn’t be able to send money home.  However, I’m pleasantly surprised, after a bit of budgeting and planning, that I will be able to send money home (and the usual amount, at that) after all.  Yay!

I’m completely broke right now because I went to the hospital here (nothing serious.  don’t worry.)  And what we call “the doctor” they say ‘the hospital” here because they have universal healthcare and you just go up to the hospital to get checked out.  There are also little clinics that you can go to also, but I went to the hospital–greater chance of them speaking English.
Anyway, my school apparently had forgotten (accident, I suppose) to sign me up for health insurance, and I had to pay the hospital fees out of pocket.  I got the refund taken care of on Friday, but the money still hasn’t shown up yet.  😦 😦  Assuming that it should be here tomorrow (Monday) at the latest because of bank processing delays and such.
I absolutely cannot wait until that money gets back into my account.  In more ways than one.  Ugh.  Being broke (especially when it’s due to circumstances out of your control) is no fun.  😦

Anyway, JULY!
Weekend of July 6-8–Nothing special planned.  Probably living as cheaply as possible.
Weekend of July 13-15–MUDFEST!!  A huge annual beach party (mostly attended by foreigners, from what I’ve heard).
Weekend of July 20-22–Sensation–Korea (Sponsored by Heineken)–Rave just outside Seoul.  Other Sensation tour spots have been in South America and throughout Europe this year.  First year for Asia and it just so happens to be in Korea.
Weekend of July 28-Aug 1–BALI!!!!  (Summer vacation)

A wee bit excited 😀