Testing My Knowledge

Not sure how this post is going to work out, but I wanted to make a bit of a list of all the Korean that I know.  Month 4 hits on Friday and it’d be kind of cool to see where I am in a few months from now.
In no particular order:
annyeong-haseyo –Hello!  (Formal)  (remove haseyo) for informal)
kamsa hamnida–Thank you (Formal) (remove hamnida for informal)
chuseyo-give me please–Basically just the way to ask for things.
ex: hamburger chuseyo.
ca chuseyo–“take me there please”–used when getting into a taxi  (name of place + ca chuseyo)

hana, dul, set, net (numbers 1-4, used for counting items)–definitely need to work on this.

isseyo–I like/I have/There is/There are
upsseoyo–I don’t like/I don’t have/There aren’t/There isn’t any
oppa (or OPPPAAAAAAAAAA!!!! lol.)–Older brother (only used by girls), which I’ve also heard/seen that girls use this term affectionately for boyfriends

noona–older sister (only used by boys)
appa–dad (ah-pa)
amma-mom (ah-ma)

ne–yes (informal)

bang–room (b and p sound together for the “b”)
bbang–bread (stronger sound ^)
samgyupsal–grilled pork  (Korean BBQ, you are calling my name)
Soju.–enough said.
bulgogi–“thinly sliced beef sirloin or tenderloin” (Thanks wiki for providing a wonderful explanation)
galbi–marinated beef short ribs  (this portion is making me so hungry.  gahhh).
hangul–Korean (language, country, etc)

jimjilbang— Korean-style sauna/spa
noraebang–Karaoke room (:-D)
DVDbang–DVD room  (private room where you and your friends can go watch movies-haven’t been to this yet)
PC-bang–computer room.  lots of dudes will sit here and just play those role-playing game on one of the many, many computers in these places.  I used them when I first got to Korea and hadn’t gotten my internet set up yet.–you can spot them by just looking for a giant “PC” on the side of a building.
These, I can recognize them if written or in context, but they’re pretty recent to my vocabulary so I don’t want to include them in the top half just yet.

hyung–older brother
ye–yes (formal–to people older than you/bosses/etc)
mwuh?–what?–I saw this on on a Korean drama series that I’m watching.  haha.  Seems to be the informal version…
sunbae–someone more experienced in “x” than you.
ex: music industry–someone with more hits/awards than you.

Goodbye (when leaving): annyonghikyeseyo
Goodbye (when staying): annyonghikaseyo

^Those all sound really similar (and hello) when heard in context, so pretty sure I’ve just been saying hello to people all the time.  lol.  I just learned that there was a difference like 2 weeks ago.  ha 🙂

*NUMBERS!–There are two sets and I’m making it my goal to get them memorized. Urgh.  It annoys me.  That and my alphabet.  Now that my TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language–certificate) course is officially complete, I have no excuse.
My alphabet is like 65-70% there.  Too many darn vowels.  Blargh.

I feel like I know more than that…I’ll probably end up coming back to edit it as I think of things.  This was mostly off the top of my head.

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