Ah! I’ve been so busy recently–but what a fun month!

Two weekends ago I went to MudFest or the 15th Annual Boryeong Mud Festival.

It’s one of the biggest festivals here in South Korea and a massive event attended by tons of foreigners and Koreans alike.  (But mostly foreigners).

It goes on for two weeks with most people going on the weekends from what I’ve noticed.  I went on the first weekend (July 14-15) and had an amazing time.  It’s held on the beach and has everything from: inflatable slides and obstacle courses, mud wrestling, and body painting with regular and colored mud.
The first night they also have fireworks as a celebration of opening weekend, and there are booths for food and drink everywhere.  It’s a really, really fun time.

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There are tons of different organized tour-like groups that go down there in buses and pre-arrange accommodation for you and everything too.
I went with some friends and we went with a group that was pretty much bare-bones so we could save some money.  Some of the other groups with the fancy buses are $100^^, but they also include dinners and such.  Our group was about $40 and just had accommodation, but food and everything was pretty cheap down there so we were able to save ourselves quite a bit of money.
…which is good because my July has been pretty jam-packed with stuff.

I’m pretty much all for paying the least amount that I can on lodging (as long as it’s safe and clean) and transportation so I can spend money on other things and/or save it.

Anyway, Mudfest is an amazing time and I’ll definitely be back 🙂

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