Oh hi! :) Cruises, Summer Vacation and Korean 101

Whoops!  Sorry for the lack of posts!  I got lost in the sea of productivity, haha.

I was just wondering what I should write about and I realized I completely forgot to write about my summer vacation trip to BALI!!

Before I dive into that, a few smaller updates:

*My mom and brother left for their cruise on Monday morning (US time) and from what I heard from my grandma (they sent her a message just before the ship left the pier)–they were already having a great time.  Apparently there was a flashmob planned amongst a few other things.  I’m so excited to hear about their trip and see all the pics when they get back stateside.
They definitely deserve to have something to be excited about.  Well, everyone should have something like that, but for them, it’s been an especially long while, and I was finally able to help tip their luck.

*I joined a language exchange group that meets on Sundays as a way to meet more Koreans and to actually make a better effort with learning Korean.
I tried joining a class when I first got here, but I was doing my TEFL class and adjusting to life here and working…and just felt overwhelmed by it.
I’m at the point now where I know enough to get by (my area is a pretty affluent, well-populated area so I can get by with less)—but I’m nearing my 6 month mark and actually feel now that I’m ready to get back into it.
I think it’ll be better this time because I actually want to learn (and not just because I feel that I should) and because the setup is pretty cool with the language exchange.
The exchange is at a coffee house and is really laid back. They have “Korean time” and “English time” in 30-minute intervals for 2 hours, and during both of those times, you’re only supposed to speak the designated language.  I really like this because at first I was hesitant about joining an exchange because I didn’t want it to end up as a free English lesson because my Korean is so minimal.  But, this format works and the Koreans there are super friendly and eager to help.  Definitely planning on making this part of my weekly routine.

I was also thinking about finding some of the notorious KPOP dance classes around here.  They’re supposed to be really fun, and I’ve recently gotten into the KPOP music here…sounds like a fun time.

I also went to a wine social party this past weekend and met a bunch of cool foreigners and Koreans.  25,000won for endless wine at a cute little restaurant.  It was really fun and that’s actually how I decided I wanted to try out the language exchange thing–a bunch of the people from that also went to the exchange each week.

I’ll post on my trip to Bali later–I want to get back to my Korean studies, and I have a thing with not letting my posts get too long.  😀


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