Check..Check…Mike Check…Is this thing on?

Oh hi again!  haha 🙂
Sorry for such a lag in posts–I guess my future job won’t be in blogging because I can’t seem to sit still long enough anymore to do this.

Anyway…so…what have I been up to?

Well, I guess, first off, I think the posting has fallen by the wayside a bit because I’ve been so busy with…well…life, and everything just feels normal these days and not really “post-worthy”.  Well, that and I’m lazy.  An interesting combination.  haha.  😛

Actually, today happens to be a good day to make a new post actually–today’s (it’s 12:51am) my 7-monthiversary!  
It feels like it’s flying by, but then I also realize that I still have 5 months left, and then it doesn’t feel that fast.  
I’m still planning on doing a second year here, and I’m now starting to decide whether or not I want to stay at my school or to try and find another one.  
Either way, I’m enjoying myself and want to stay in my current city because I’ve gotten to know a good core group of people that I have no plans breaking from in the near future.  
Also, I’m finally starting to make some headway in that debt I came here with, so I feel also like I should stay because that’s one of the big reasons I came here in the first place.
Goals:  Pay off credit card and knock out all (or at least a good chunk) of my student loans.
Probably a bit lofty goals, but it’s been done before, so I’m going to see what I can do.  

Anyway, so…what have I been up to.  I don’t really remember when I posted last, so I’m just going to flip through my calendar and start from there.

Ok, let’s see:
Mid August–Went to Suwon (satellite city of Seoul–about an hour outside Seoul…ish) and saw the Hwaseong Fortress Walls.  Suwon was a pretty fun little city and I definitely want to make my way back for another visit…just preferably not during heavy rains (like last time).

End of August–Beach Getaway (celebrating (wahhhhh!!!) the end of summer) with Waegook Cook/Waegook Travel
Complete with BBQs and boat trips and plenty of beach time.  Some of the best words that begin with ‘B’–all in one trip!

First Weekend–went to Seoul to visit a friend
Second Weekend–Just casual weekend…dinner, drinks and good times.  Went to a party by the river and met some cool people 🙂
Third Weekend (last weekend)–Went back to Seoul for Sports Day!  (Hosted by my friend)-just an afternoon playing fun games in a park with some cool people.

This weekend, I knew of another friend that was hosting a Prom on a boat, and I was going to go, but I’m sick now and sort of lost interest.  Lots of travel and effort, and I think staying local would be more up my alley right now.  And because I don’t get paid til next week.  😛 haha  
Planning on going hiking instead 🙂

Next weekend is the Chuseok holiday here in Korea–it’s comparable to Thanksgiving for Americans.  Everyone travels back to be with their family and to eat good food.  Apparently Spam is a big thing too…somehow.  I have a good amount of Korean friends now, so I’ll have to ask them more about it when I get a chance.  It’s just a huge travel holiday mostly though.  Everything is closed and travel is a nightmare because everyone is trying to get to where their relatives are.
(For foreigners/waegooks, it’s a big travel holiday too…except most people leave Korea).

Chuseok (“Chew-sock”) is a 3 day weekend, but we also have that Wednesday off too for National Foundation Day.  Don’t get too jealous…this is big for us.  Lots of the major holidays here fall on weekends, lol.  I did happen to get word that my elementary classes on Tuesday are cancelled…still have kindergarten though, but that’s fine with me. I’m not planning on taking a huge vacation anyway, and elementary classes almost NEVER get cancelled.  So, I’ll take what I can get.  🙂

For Chuseok, I’m planning on going to the Andong Mask Festival with a bunch of friends.  It’s supposedly one of the biggest festivals in Korea, and it sounds really cool.  And it’s local so it won’t be super expensive…flights out of the country are OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE right now.  Read:  Almost double the normal price.

Let’s see…needing to get to bed soon (hopefully I can rid the remainder of this cold tonight…), so I’ll keep this quick:
October! (the best month ever :-D)
First week–Holidays (Continuing Chuseok, etc.), MY BIRTHDAY!  (26!!!), and going to a theme park that weekend to celebrate.  
Also this month:  
Lantern Festival 
Hiking Trip??
Fireworks Festival

annnnd..whatever else gets thrown in there.  🙂

Hope that’s enough of an update for now!  
Still been working on my Korean (um..kinda, haha) and going to my weekly language exchange meetings.  I would like to get to be decent at it…especially if I plan on being here another year.  I don’t want to be one of those people that’s been here 2 years and can’t speak anything.  (There are plenty.)

Anyway, Good day and goodnight!

(Note:  When I’m less exhausted, I’ll work on adding pictures to this post to make it more exciting 🙂 )